Learn How To Grow Star Jasmine Vine

Flowering star jasmine vine

Trachelospermum jasminoides (tray-key-low-SPER-mum, jaz-min-OY-deez) is considered a liana plant.  This is the term applied to plants which scramble vertically up other plants or intentional supports to attain more sunlight.  This

Jasminum Polyanthum Care: How To Grow Pink Jasmine

Flowers and buds on Pink Jasminum

The Jasminum polyanthum [jaz-MIN-ee-uh pol-ee-ANTH-um] is a climbing shrub that produces fragrant white blooms. It’s a semi-deciduous evergreen vine (in some locations) native to Burma and China and suitable for

How To Grow and Care For Jasmine Plants

sweet fragrant flowers of the jasmine plant

Jasminum (JAZ-mih-num) vines and shrubs are related to Oleaceae (oh-lee-AY-see-eye) or olive trees. You may also see this plant referred to by the alternate spelling, Jessamine (JEH-suh-min). There are over