Dwarf Allamanda Growing And Care

dwarf allamanda bloom

Allamanda isn’t the most common shrub out there, but those who own one wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps these plants would become a household name if more people

Purple Allamanda Vine: Allamanda Blanchetti Growing and Care

Purple Allamanda blanchetti vine flowers

Purple Allamanda Blanchetti flower buds are a deep brownish shade of burgundy, the large, showy, trumpet-shaped, purplish-rose flowers are up to three inches wide and appear throughout the plant’s long growing season. Click on this article to learn more about Purple Allamanda Blanchetti.

Is The Allamanda Plant Poisonous?

Yellow flowers of the Allamanda bush

So you are wondering if the Allamanda plant poisonous? The Allamanda flower is also known as Yellow Allamanda, Yellow Bell or Golden Trumpet. The plant is also available in a