Do Deer Eat Hostas

do deer eat hostas

Hostas are beautiful perennials that have gained a lot of popularity due to their shade tolerance. However, where there are big plants, there are often significant pests, and deer are

What Are Some Good Hosta Companion Plants?

Hosta Companion Plants

Hostas are herbaceous perennial members of the Asparagaceae family of plants and are native to China and Japan. They have adapted nicely to life in the United States and are

How To Reduce Shock When Transplanting Hostas

Hosta young plant, freshly planted and fenced with wooden sticks. — Stock Image

Hostas are one of the most beautiful plants for gardens and landscaping. Why is it important to learn ways to reduce shock when transplanting Hostas? The Hostas’ natural ability to thrive

Caring For Hosta Plants – How To Grow Hostas

Hosta leaves

If you’re in an area where the landscape requires large, green, lush planting… look no further than Hosta Plants. Hostas known as plantain lilies provide an excellent foliage effect. They are

How To Divide Hostas In Pictures and Words

The Hosta is found in many landscapes. As with many plants in the landscape, sooner or later they must be divided! Video: Dividing Hosta Step-By-Step Bob Axmear gives his version