How To Grow Coleus From Seeds

Coleus multi colored leaf plants

Coleus are bushy and compact herbaceous shrubs from the Lamiaceae or mint family and is native to tropical and subtropical regions from southeast Asia to Australia. This bushy, woody-based evergreen

How To Grow Coleus As A Tree: Step By Step

coleus tree

I always like to see plants commonly grown in one form, growing in a different way or style. Colorful, butterfly-attracting Lantana plants and grow hibiscus trees into standards instead of

Is Coleus Toxic To Cats, Dogs, and People?

colorful coleus plant some say is poisonous

Coleus [KO-lee-us] plants are known for their slender leaves with bright colored markings. People commonly grow these tropical low-maintenance plants, but are they safe? Is coleus toxic to cats, dogs, and