DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp & Scented Candle How To

Mason jars are so versatile with so many uses, making solar lights for one but a few of the many decorative purposes indoors and out when made into oil candles.

Oil lamps have been used as candle lighting in human history for thousands of years. They can be made easily with common household items such as recycled glass jars and vegetable oil.


Here’s one of the easiest DIY mason jar oil lamp kits from, including:

  • Supplies needed
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Oodles of images
  • Useful ideas on making candles with mason jars

As for materials in this DIY oil candle mason jar project… “Most of the materials can be found just laying around the house, except for the fiberglass wicks, which can be found in our store.”

They recommend, “Fiberglass wicks rarely need replacing, and they are also hassle-free! They do not burn up like a typical candle wick, cotton strap, or other organic material.”

These mason jar candles are beautiful to look at and your home will smell wonderful, too. Best of all, they’re cheap and easy to make with recycled and reused items. More oil lamp and mason jar ideas via

Over at they also agree that putting these crafts all together is easy… They share, “You will also need a nipple, as well as couplings and washers. You will also need lamp wicks and oil of some kind. All you can pick up at the local home improvement store.

Adding herbs, pine cones, and other spices to the oil lamp are not necessary, but they can also be used to bring out a better scent for the candle or with pine cones create a holiday ascetic.

Households with mosquito problems may add citronella oil for an insect repellent effect into the lamp oil. Apart from citronella, you can use other essential oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. You can mix in a few drops of scented oil for additional aroma for your mason jar oil candles.

Some candles in mason jars are left open while others would make a hole at the center of the mason jar lid where they can insert the wick.


By the way, these oil candles ideas are actually safer than the usual candles, and very economical: 1 tablespoon of oil can last for over 2 hours!

At they share how to make these beautiful mason jar oil lamps more enchanting with botanical treasures submerged in water.

You can also add some drops of essential oil for a fragrant and luxurious experience or if you’re like me you’ll love to add flowers or two to your oil candles.

This oil jar lamp or mason jar candles make great projects and gifts.

Check out the detailed tutorial here on how to make your own gorgeous table centerpiece. Details via

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