How To Install A French Well Or Dry Well

french well or dry well being installed

Question: Someone told me a dry well or french drain installation will help with drainage in our landscape. What is it, and can we build it ourselves? Hollie, Ohio Answer:

How To Build A Berm For Landscaping

landscaping berm

Add berm landscaping to your garden design by building a berm or landscape mounds is an easy and attractive way to add interest to your yard especially in flat areas.

What Is Xeriscape Landscaping?

What is Xeriscaping? The term comes from the Greek word “xeros”, which means dry, and “scape”,  a view or scene. In 1978, some say early 1980’s, the term “Xeriscape landscaping”

How To Make Mosaic Cinder Block Planters

Here’s the deal… Concrete cinder block planters are not the most attractive but it shows the blocks have many uses besides building concrete block walls in homes. Some creative gardeners and

21 Yards Inspiring Landscaping Without Grass

Many people enjoy their yard but do not want the hassle of… lawn care and mowing a lawn. These turfgrass statistics from may surprise you: Grass plants are 75