Spring Pruning – When Should You?

Pruning shears cutting a branch in spring.

Why is it that the first warm day brings out homeowners with their pruning shears to snip here, snip there without much rhyme or reason? Pruning Tips to Remember As

What Is Indian Pipe Fungus – Is It Safe?

Indian Pipe Fungus

If you come across the odd-looking Indian Pipe Fungus (Monotropa uniflora) during a stroll in the woods, you may ask—Is it safe? Rest assured, you have nothing to fear from

How To Install A French Well Or Dry Well

french well or dry well being installed

Question: Someone told me a dry well or french drain installation will help with drainage in our landscape. What is it, and can we build it ourselves? Hollie, Ohio Answer:

What Is Xeriscape Landscaping?

What is Xeriscaping? The term comes from the Greek word “xeros”, which means dry, and “scape”,  a view or scene. In 1978, some say early 1980’s, the term “Xeriscape landscaping”

How To Make Mosaic Cinder Block Planters

Here’s the deal… Concrete cinder block planters are not the most attractive but it shows the blocks have many uses besides building concrete block walls in homes. Some creative gardeners and