Tips On Hoya Curtisii Care

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Hoya curtisii [HOY-a, kurt-IS-ee-eye], commonly known as Porcelain Flower, Hoya Aloha, or Fung Wax Flower, is a slow-growing perennial vine hailing from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. 

It is a member of the Apocynaceae (a-pos-ih-NAY-see-ee) family.

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Caring For Hoya Curtisii

Curtisii Hoya Size & Growth

This miniature, trailing hoya grows slowly at first, but once it is established, it becomes a very healthy and full looking plant. 

It typically grows to be 2″ or 3″ inches high and about a foot wide.

The Fung Wax Flower may have rounded or heart-shaped leaves. 

They are small, thick, succulent, and olive green with an interesting mottling of gray. 

When grown as a groundcover, the leaves make a very tight mat over the soil surface. 

When planted in a small hanging basket, they trail and dangle prettily.

Flowering & Fragrance

The fragrant, unusual flowers grow in clusters. 

They are typically red with yellow centers. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests it’s difficult to get Porcelain Flower to bloom, but the best results are had with ample bright light and daily misting.

Light & Temperature

Hoya Aloha can do well with sun exposure ranging from mostly shade to mostly sun. 

It is winter hardy in USDA hardiness zones 10 and above. 

The Curtisii Hoya cannot tolerate temperatures lower than 40° degrees Fahrenheit (4° C) and is best off if protected from temperatures lower than 50° degrees Fahrenheit (10° C).

Watering & Feeding

Treat this hoya like a wildflower. 

Allow soil to dry out completely between waterings. 

Generally speaking, water twice a week during the summertime and once weekly during the wintertime.

Don’t allow the plant to stand in water, as this will lead to root rot.

The porcelain flower is a light feeder. 

Incorporate organic fertilizer or compost into the soil when you plant. 

Top dress with organic compost early in the springtime.

Soil & Transplanting

Any good garden soil or standard potting soil is acceptable. A soil for African violets is a good option.

It should be light and well-draining with a fairly neutral pH level.

Grooming & Maintenance

Trim and pinch back to maintain the desired shape. 

Use cuttings to propagate new plants. 

How To Propagate Fung Wax Flower

This enthusiastic grower will propagate from either herbaceous or woody stem cuttings or grow it from seed.

To gather your seed, allow the pods to dry out on the plant. 

Break them open and collect the seeds. 

You should sow the seeds immediately because they do not store well.

Fung Wax Flower Pest or Disease Problems

Because this plant is a dense groundcover, small insects which like close, dark, damp circumstances are drawn to it. 

Look out for:

Many of these are kept under control with correct watering. 

Avoid getting the leaves wet late in the day. 

Thin plants as needed to provide good air circulation.

Additionally, the use of a systemic pesticide containing imidacloprid once early in the season and once midsummer is quite effective.

Foliar applications of Neem oil pesticide sprays is helpful in keeping these pests under control.

Is This Plant Toxic Or Poisonous?

Generally speaking, Hoya plants are not considered poisonous or toxic.

Is This Plant Invasive?

This finicky little plant is not invasive. 

Suggested Hoya Curtisii Uses 

If you do not have experience with hoyas, it’s a good idea to gain some experience with some of the hardier species. 

Once you are confident in your hoya growing abilities, give Hoya Aloha a try as an annual in the flower bed or as a container plant to be brought indoors in winter and outdoors in summer.

In areas where the plant is winter hardy, it makes an extremely attractive groundcover and also does well in hanging baskets.

Because it is a miniature, it’s used to add texture and color to a terrarium planting.

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