Why This Raised Garden Bed Is Made The Right Way

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Raised garden beds are a very popular way to grow vegetables with all kinds of styles. The raised bed in this picture is really done right. I wanted to briefly share why I think so!

There are lots of raised bed garden tutorials on the web, with lots of approaches. But this raised bed looks like it has done everything right.

Subtle modifications could be made for your needs. But all the basics are in this raised garden bed. There are lots to take away from this picture alone.

  • Off the Ground – Looks like the bed is sitting on a concrete slab – protects from burrowing critters and other pests.
  • Soil Depth – Appears the soil of is at least 12 inches deep. I would bet they made their own custom raised bed garden soil mix.
  • Bed Width – From the way the PVC is bending it looks as if the bed is 4′-5′ foot wide making it easy to reach from either side
  • Tall Trellis – Simple, classic trellis, down the center to grow tall vine type veggies for better production
  • Hoop Greenhouse – The PVC “hoop” allows the garden to be covered and extend the growing season. Starting earlier and going later into the season

Although I cannot see it, I would bet they took the extra step and put a raised bed irrigation system as well.

This raised bed garden “growing system” is just done right. Read the full post which is short but take time to read the comments… some good tips in there: via Andrewsseed

Raised Bed Garden Picture a Digging Deeper

There is much we can learn from the above raised bed image.

I’m confident this “growing system” did not happen overnight, but developed over several seasons. However, the raised bed does appear like new construction or a complete overhaul.

This raised garden probably started years ago constructed merely with a frame on the ground. Over time the gardener experienced pests “coming” from below.

The concrete foundation “fix” that issue.

Improving and building the soil is ongoing each growing season with the addition of new compost and a soil test.

The bed width fits them perfectly allowing for easy harvesting and ongoing care for the garden plants.

After discovering the advantages of growing in a raised bed, they learned there was vertical space not in use. The tall wood trellis was added.

After experiencing seasons of early frost, the PVC hoops were added to accommodate covering with plastic to get plants off to an early start or extending the growing season.

Or possibly a netting is used during the growing season to keep pests and wildlife away.

However, this raised bed garden with all its simple homemade features began as so many garden projects do – with an idea. After gaining some knowledge and experience, improvements were made.

That’s what makes growing plants so special. There is always something new to learn and improve.

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