How to Make A Raised Bed Garden Using Concrete Blocks

When people think of raised beds gardens they immediately assume it will be made from wood.

However, they can be made from other materials like bricks which are easy to find if you look around.


A good garden story can spruce up your day or give you the inspiration you need for your own outdoor renovation.

This is the story of Kate and Jim and their struggle with a section of their backyard that included thorns, old fencing, and weeds. Starting early in the day they used wire cutters and a saw to remove the bushes and fence.

Only then could they begin laying the foundation for the new garden. It was a hard day’s work and they got about halfway through with their renovation project. More details of Kate and Jim’s Garden here.

Check out these videos on making raised bed gardens made from concrete blocks and what soil to put in raised beds.

This raised bed has a nice little covering to extend the growing season.

In this short tutorial, shares how to design a complete garden out of just concrete blocks.

The concrete blocks help to raise the garden given it a much better view from away.

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This simple trick is a great way to design a garden on a little budget with stellar results.

The results are an astonishing-looking garden that promotes growth. The cinder blocks help separate different types of flowers leaving a very arranged and organized look.

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