What Are The Juicy Health Benefits Of Watermelon?

Watermelon is one of the most popular summer fruits. We may enjoy it but have you ever thought of the health benefits of watermelon?

Its scientific name is citrulluslanatus. Most people see the fruit as comprising water and sugar. However, the contents in watermelons have some of the powerful antioxidants, unique vitamins and minerals.

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The calories in watermelon is low in calories and its one of the healthiest fruits to consume.

Watermelons belongs to the botanical family known as Cucurbitaceae. The group has other fruits including the:

  • Cantaloupe
  • Pumpkin
  • Squash
  • Honeydew [1]

You’ll find watermelon in about five variations. They include yellow, orange, mini, seeded and the seedless varieties. The mini type is also termed as the “personal variety.”

We always seem to associate watermelon with the summer season. It’s cooling nature that makes it’s a favorite for adventurers and picnic lovers.

It’s natural water content is cool and reduces heat in the body of the consumers [1].

Nutritional Value Of Watermelon

With over 92 percent being water, the fruit has a variety of nutrients dissolved in the resultant juice. There are high levels of Vitamin A, B6 and Vitamin C. Moreover, there are lots of Lycopene and Amino acids. Another present substance in the fruit is antioxidants.

Watermelon is a good source of beta-carotene. This pigment that is abundant among fruits and vegetables work as an antioxidant that helps prevent eye cell damage and even conditions like age-related macular degeneration. Beta-carotene avoids fast cognitive decline and other related issues such as Alzheimer’s disease.

In terms of minerals, the fruit has moderate deposits of potassium. Moreover, it is low in sodium. Though not a mineral, the carotenoid pigment known as Lycopene in watermelon is responsible for its various attributes.

The component is a phytonutrient present in most of fruits and vegetables. Its main work in the body is to prompt healthy responses. One of its identification attributes is the Red pigment in items such as tomatoes, guavas and red plums.

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Nevertheless, the fruit has components such as thiamin (Vitaming B-1), Manganese and other vitamins. Manganese is a co-factor in an enzyme for powerful antioxidant actions.

The enzyme is active in conjunction with enzyme superoxide dismutase[2]. Other components include the copper, calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron.

Health Benefits of  Eating Watermelon

Water melons are associated with various health benefits. It is believed to bear a key component that assists in maintaining and catalyzing cardiovascular health.

The citrulline content in watermelon is converted by kidneys into arginine which an amino acid required for improving blood flow.

Moreover, the conversion of citrulline into amino acids prevents the accumulation of fats in cells which is poses the risk of other complex health conditions including obesity, heart disease and cancerous tissue accumulations. [3]

Lycopene is a component of watermelon believed to be highly reliable for various health purposes. Most notable is its use in preventing prostate cancer.

Moreover, the component is associated with heart or cardiac health. It is a reliable component of making sure the person has strong bones when consumed.

Watermelons Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Not only does water melon have a cooling effect on the body, but it is also a source of healing inflammatory tissue cells in the body. The phytonutrient and presence of diverse kinds of vitamins, helps in preventing cell-inflammation.

Nutrients such as the carotenoids are associated with the anti-inflammatory support found in fruits and vegetables especially those with red pigment.

Ability to control and prevent cancerous cells from getting active especially dealing with skin problems, prostate cancer and cardiac arrest. Watermelon has anti-oxidant flavonoids like lycopene, lutein and cryptoxanthin.

All these are useful in controlling cancer including colon, breast, endometrial, pancreatic and lung cancers [4].

Antioxidant Abilities in Watermelon

Another major ability vested in lycopene and carotenoids, is that of protecting cells and body structures from oxygen free radicals. This is by ensuring that the components in the body fluids and blood are well controlled.

This maintains a balance that ensures the right balance in heart rates and blood pressure.

Water Melon As A Source Of Healing Abilities

The varieties of vitamins present in waterelon are capable of controlling disease attacks. This is because vitamins enhance the body immunity against disease causing viruses.

When the body immunity is enhanced it limits the chances of being sick. And even when one gets sick, they are able to recover within a short period of time [3].

Importance of Citrulline, Arginine and Nitric Acid in Watermelon

The presence of amino acids in watermelon makes it one of the unique fruits available for human consumption.

Citrulline is an amino acid that is generated into arginine by the metabolic activities in cells and also through the renal system. The component of Citrulline is about 250 milligrams in every cup of watermelon juice [3].

The body converts the citrulline into arginine very promptly upon absorption into the body.

On the other hand, Nitric Oxide occurs in an enzyme regarded as the Nitric Oxide Synthase. The enzyme is present in human body. With a close reaction with amino acid arginine, the resultant effects include the production of nitric oxide.

The gas is a relaxant that helps the muscles to relax. This allows the blood vessels to expand and hence the blood flow increases allowing the body to refresh very fast. This means that consuming watermelon reduces muscle soreness.

This is one of the actions necessary for erectile dysfunction in Men. It is basics behind the formation of Viagra and other sexual enhancement medication. So if you don’t want problems with erection at an early age, it’s a high time for you to eat watermelon regularly or more often!

Asthma Prevention

The prevalence of Asthma is in areas where people do not consume fruits as recommended. Nutrients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A that are present in most fruits and vegetables are essential in controlling diseases and health conditions such as Asthma [4].

Watermelon is included in the pool of fruits necessary for controlling such conditions.

According to the American Journal of Hypertension, watermelon has been proven to be a key component that supplements the reduction of ankle blood pressure. Most teenagers and middle aged persons were believed to have arterial malfunction due to obesity and cardiac associated problems.

The presence of brachial blood pressure and cardiac issues was scientifically proved to reduce in those that consumed watermelon [4]. The journal was encouraging Americans and the world at large to embrace the consumption of the fruit amongst other vegetables and fruits.

Cancer Control

With powerful antioxidants like vitamin c, watermelon presents a viable preventive consumption for everyone. The components stipulated earlier are able to curb the formation of radicals that can lead to cancerous formations.

The speeding up of blood flow allows men to be active in sexual intercourse which is a means of ridding prostate cancer.

Other Health Benefits Of  Watermelon

The fruit solves other problems such as indigestion. The presence of water and fiber in the fruit is a key remedy to indigestion especially after consumption of heavy meals.

Moreover, constipation associated with poor feeding habits. Nonetheless, the fruit promotes the ability of the digestive tract to clear with digestion.

The over 90 % of water is essential in cooling the body. In other incidences where persons suffering from dehydration take watermelon, it helps them recover from the sufferings of hot summer or even dry spells.

It is also possible to have the watermelon reducing soreness in muscles especially for athletes and other players after a competition [3].

Another component in water melon is Choline which is essential in formation of strong cell membrane[6]. The membrane is essential or maintaining a balance between the external and internal environments to a cell.

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Recommendation For Watermelon Consumption

Watermelon is believed to provide over 21% of essential vitamin C. This means that by eating a ripe watermelon on a daily basis, the body is able to get a high level of the essential nutrient.

In addition, by taking a slice of watermelon or more than that, one is able to prevent numerous diseases associated with poor diet intake and associated complications.

It is therefore essential to slot in a piece of watermelon rind and and all within the day. This is especially during breakfast and lunch time. It’s also a good time to practice spitting watermelon seeds! But before you do, there are many benefits of watermelon seeds. It’s rich in magnesium that helps boost metabolism and fix a high blood pressure.

On the other hand, one can have a glass of watermelon juice every day or every other day. The fruit can be consumed alone or in fruit salad comprising the combination of the fruit with others.

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