What Are The Health Benefits of Black Coffee, Is It Really Good For You?

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Did you know there are many health benefits of black coffee! If you love drinking your coffee black… I’m starting to! If you do, you are going to love it more when you learn about what it can do for you and your health.

It is no secret that a hot cup of black coffee a day especially in the morning can perk you up instantly and put you in the right mood for the whole day.

But did you know that it also offer other amazing benefits to our general health? So better stock up with some coffee beans because are some of the top benefits of drinking black coffee you surely don’t want to miss.

#1 – Lower Your Risk Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

Another benefit of drinking coffee is that it can lower the risk of developing a type 2 diabetes.

A study done in 2012 found a compound in coffee that helped in blocking islet amyloid polypeptide, which play a major role in development of the disease.

Further research has showed that caffeinated coffee intake is linked to decreased diabetes risk.

In addition, coffee contains minerals such as chromium and magnesium which helps your body to use the insulin that control blood sugar. For more information visit

#2 – Improves Your Mental Health And Physical Energy

Research shows that drinking black coffee helps you to have mental clarity and have an energizing effect to your body since there is no milk or cream that slow down its absorption and dull down this effect.

This makes black coffee one of the best performance enhancer available out there.

According to a sturdy conducted in 2009 it shows that coffee drinkers are more likely to resist the development of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia later in life.

Other studies show that coffee smell helps to reduce stress that is associated to loss of sleep. For this reason, take a cup of warm coffee before you retire to bed especially if you have trouble sleeping. source

#3 – Drinking Black Coffee May Lower The Risk Of Death

Although at some time we will eventually die, a 2012 study shows that coffee appears to be lengthening the lives for individuals with certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cardiovascular disease. It can also help regulate blood pressure levels.

According to the study, individuals who drank more than three cups of caffeinated or non-caffeinated coffee lived for longer than those who did not.

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#4 –  Coffee Is Great For Your Liver (especially if you drink alcohol).

In 2006, a study conducted between 125,00 people above 22 years of age showed that those people who had at least a cup of coffee daily were twenty percent less likely to develop liver cirrhosis.

According to Arthur L Klatsky, the lead author of the study, coffee have various benefits against alcoholic cirrhosis and the more coffee a person drinks the less risk they seem of dying or being hospitalized of alcoholic cirrhosis.

Further studies also show that coffee can help in preventing people from developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

A team of professional researchers led by the Duke-NUS graduate medical school stated that drinking four or more cups of black coffee daily might be beneficial in preventing the progression of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

#5  – Coffee May Make You More Intelligent

Most of us usually drink black coffee when we want to stay up for longer. Scientists have shown that coffee is a much-needed jolt that not only keep you awake but also makes your brain sharper.

A CNN report stated that coffee allows your brain to work more efficiently. The report shows that when you are sleep deprived, and take a cup of coffee, many of the things that you can measure will definitely improve.

This includes the most of the complex function that you associate with intelligence such as attention, reaction time, vigilance and logical reasoning. source

#6 – Coffee Fights Against Cancer

A recent study performed by the Research Center For Military Health in Yaoundé Cameroon found that regular consumption of coffee is associated with a reduction of risks in different cancers such as the liver cancer, kidney cancer and colorectal cancer.

Further findings showed that coffee is unrelated to the development of prostrate, ovarian and pancreatic cancers.

For this reason, if you are considering cutting your coffee intake because of the risks of cancer, you can finally relax. In addition, other research found that drinking coffee daily boost cancer survival by reducing free radicals and other cancer causing agents.

This research was conducted on patients with advanced stage three-colon cancer and showed that patients who drank four or more cups of caffeinated coffee lowered the risk of cancer recurrence or death by 52 percent.

In addition, coffee has multiple potential anti-cancer pathways. One of these anti-cancer pathway is caffeine as it has shown properties to both stimulate and suppress tumors depending on the cancer and when it is administered.

Polyphenols such as the flavonoid and phytoestrogens are also found to have anti-cancer properties. The caffeic acid is also another ingredient found in coffee that inactivates several pathways that are involved in development of tumors. source

#7 – Coffee Consumption Has Been Linked To Lower Levels Of Suicide

Harvard School of Public Health also conducted a study that showed that drinking two to four cups of coffee daily reduce the risk of suicide by about fifty percent in both men and women.

The researchers found that coffee acts as a mild antidepressant by aiding in the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline.

#8 – Coffee Can Make You A Better Athlete

A recent report by the New York Times stated that scientists and many athletes have known that a cup of coffee before a race or workouts jolts athletic performance especially in endurance sports such as cycling and running.

The reports claims that caffeine intake has the ability to increase the number of fatty acids in the bloodstream allowing the athletes’ muscles to absorb and burn those fats for fuel and by so doing it saves the body’s small reserves of carbohydrates for later on in the race.

#9 – Drinking Black Coffee Suppresses Hunger And Has An Impact On Your Calories Level

Individuals who are overweight because they eat too much should make sure that they drink three to five cups of black coffee daily. The caffeine in black coffee will stimulate the metabolic activity and increase the energy, which in turn suppresses hunger.

A cup of coffee contains only 5.4 calories that is why it is known as a calorie free drink.

Apart from suppressing hunger in order for you to lose weight, the black coffee stimulates metabolic activity that keeps you active and burn more calories.

This helps you to burn a lot of calories per day which in turn helping in weight loss. Drinking black coffee before workouts is the best way to burn more calories. source

#10 – Coffee Could Lessen The Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease

In 2012, science daily reported that people who drank more than four cups of coffee daily had a greater reduction in increase rates of Parkinson’s disease over a thirteen years period than those individuals who were drinking fewer cups of coffee or no coffee at all.

The study author Ronald Postuma, MD said that the studies showed that people who uses caffeine has less chances to develop the Parkinson’s disease, but it was one of the first study to show that caffeine can help with the movement symptoms for people who already have the disease.

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#11 Black Coffee May Help Strengthen Your Muscles – And Your DNA

A study published in the cell metabolism journal indicated the caffeine had a similar effect to the human DNA molecules in our muscle as exercise. However, this does not give you a reason to stop exercising.

The study focused on the DNA changes of muscles in sedentary individuals and found there were positive effects from coffee that were similar to effects gotten from exercise.

The most interesting factor in this study is the fact that the positive changes were seen rather quickly.

#12 – Drinking Black Coffee Is Great For Your Skin

Drinking coffee may help you to lower the risk of the most diagnosed form of skin cancer. A study in the cancer research journal that specialized in coffee showed that coffee drinkers had a lower risk of developing basal cell carcinoma.

Other studies conducted by Harvard medical school who followed 112, 897 men and women showed that individuals who took more than three cups of coffee daily are much less likely to develop skin cancer than those who don’t. source

#13 – Another Major Health Benefits of Black Coffee Concerns Heart Disease and Stroke

According to WebMD drinking coffee may counter several risks for stroke and heart attack.

As previously mentioned, coffee does wonders when it comes to type 2 diabetes risk reduction. Remember type 2 diabetes makes heart disease and stroke more likely.

Besides this, studies have shown that coffee has been linked to lower risks for heart rhythm disturbance, which is a major stroke and heart attack factor in men and women.

A study conducted for about 130,000 Kaiser Permanente health plan members showed that individuals who reported to be drinking one to three cups of coffee daily were 20 percent less likely to be hospitalized for abnormal heart rhythm when compared to the non-coffee drinkers.

For women, drink coffee to lower the risk of having stroke. source

#14 – Black Coffee Contains Chlorogenic Acid Which Is An Effective Anti-Oxidant

Black coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which plays a major role in weight loss. Drinking a cup of coffee when going to bed or after meals lets the chlorogenic slow the production of glucose in the body.

The acid also limits the production of new fat cells in the body. This process will only happen when you take black coffee that is rich in caffeine.

Although adding milk to the coffee will make it taste better, adding milk or cream will not help in weight loss. Instant coffee may sometimes include cream made of grass-fed butter and this would do nothing but add more calories to your daily intake.

Remember apart from the chlorogenic acid, black coffee has other antioxidants, which are essential compounds for weight loss.

#15 – Coffee Helps Make Your Reproductive System Happy

Men who are looking for ways to lower the risk of prostate cancer and women who are looking for means to reduce the risks of endometrial cancer, you should start taking more coffee daily.

A study done in 2011 found that men who consumed at least six cups of coffee daily reduced the chances of developing prostate cancer by twenty percent.

Other finding published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention journal found that women who took more than four cups of coffee daily had a 25 percent lower risk of getting an endometrial cancer.

#16 – Temporary Weight Loss And Supports Permanent Weight Loss

Drinking black coffee will induce temporary weight loss. This is very good news for individuals who are looking for healthy ways to shed their extra pounds.

Coffee eliminates the unwanted wastewater and fluid accumulation in the body through urination. This is because of the high caffeine content present in it.

When we talk about permanent weight loss, we talk about when the fat content in the body has reduced. Black coffee does a very good job in eliminating the fat by burning more calories.

This is linked directly with weight loss since burning of more calories will gradually reduce weight. source

Many Health Benefits Of Drinking Black Coffee

It is evident that there are very many benefits of drinking black coffee. In the past years, most information based on coffee showed that coffee was dangerous to our health.

However, these studies have proved that there are actually many reasons why we should take a cup of coffee daily.

Although black coffee is bitter, you should avoid adding sugar and milk. Adding too much sugar will add too many calories to your body and you may not reap the benefits we have listed.

In addition, if you are planning to have a good night’s sleep you should avoid taking too much coffee in the evening or afternoon, you can save it for earlier hours where you need to jump start.

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