Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs And Noisy Crickets

Have you ever wanted to fend off annoying stink bugs? At they share ten easy ways to do just that.

You will learn how to find secret hiding places of stink bugs, and you will also utilize clever tactics to eliminate these pesky bugs from your residence.

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These tools will help free you from the awful smell emitted by these bugs, and you will find techniques which you can always use to rid yourself of this invasion.

Natural Methods To Get Rid Of Noisy Crickets


Most of us relax and enjoy the great outdoors often relaxing on the porch or in the yard weather permitting.

One of the few things that can spoil that enjoyment is insects and specifically crickets. While crickets are loved for their chirping they can also become an annoyance to many westerners.

Here are two tips to help you enjoy the sounds of silence again on those beautiful evenings.

  • Place cricket traps along walls and in corners – “Sticky traps or glue boards for mice and rats are better at catching crickets than they are rodents.”
  • Crickets are intensely attracted to traditional lighting – Replace porch with yellow “bug lights” or amber LED lights.

Get the full details here [How To Get Rid of Noisy Crickets]

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