Garden Sprayer – Lighten Task of Controlling Plant Pest and Disease


A garden sprayer makes controlling garden and landscape pests and disease around the home much easier today… although it never was a difficult task.

The sprayers available to homeowners today have numerous simple labor-saving features built into them. Many go so far as to look at the ergonomics in their product design.

Redesigned For Ease Of Use

Some standard models have been redesigned and there are new equipment models as well, all in an effort to make spraying the garden a virtually a pushbutton job.

Product accessories are available at your favorite garden supply store such as ACE, Home Depot, Lowe’s and others for you to “update” and modernize your present sprayer for easier and faster operation, such as:

  • Brass nozzles
  • Fan or adjustable cone
  • Extension wand

Garden Sprayer Size For Every Need

Different types of sprayers come in a wide range of sizes. From small 1/2 gallon hand-held models to 4 gal commercial backpack sprayers from companies like SOLO, LESCO, Chapin, Hudson. Also in an assortment of materials – poly to stainless steel.

There is a suitable sprayer for every landscape and garden job, whether you wish to spray a few choice roses, apply fungicides to control damping off or treat the entire lawn.

1/2 to 1 Gallon Models

The 1/2 to 1 gallon sprayer meets the need for those frequent but small spot spraying jobs for which the small household-type spray-bottles may prove inadequate.

Spraying pressure is easily built-up with a plunger-pump and the tank resting on a solid surface. Hudson makes a “Pumpless” model (video below). When the “trigger” is pulled, the pressurized spray material is then discharged through a small nozzle orifice, just like in the larger compression sprayers.

A one-gallon pump sprayer is just right for many out in the yard spray jobs. Having a fan or adjustable cone along with an extension wand help to apply sprays over and underleaf. The pump handle does double duty serving also as a convenient carrying handle.

The Backpack Sprayer

The commercial backpack sprayer from SOLO, LESCO, Hudson and Chapin are designed for “carrying” 3 to 4 gallons of spray material around for larger jobs, this proves handy in many ways.


It is especially useful if the spraying is done at some distance from the source of water and makes quick work of treating lawns for weed control, spraying along fences, around shrubs as well as applying pesticide such as  insecticides and fungicides.

When filled with the newer weed-killing chemical, the backpack sprayer decidedly outmode the old back-breaking, time-consuming job of digging lawn weeds by hand and frees you for more pleasant work outdoors. It is also an inexpensive unit and tool for fast spraying of foundation and marginal plantings.

For almost effortless garden spraying there is a hand pump to maintain constant spraying pressure. These backpack sprayers also can be equipped with multiple nozzles – fan and cone – on the hand boom or wand extension.

An assortment of spray discs is also included with many new sprayers these days to provide a selection of spray patterns such as fog, flat fan, cone shape or solid stream.

In addition, special nozzles are available which are adjustable like a garden hose nozzle to give a complete range of patterns. Oil and chemical-resistant hose and gaskets are now standard equipment on most plant sprayers to permit the widest range in use of spray chemicals.

Video of Solo Backpack Sprayers

Video of Hudson Bak-Pak Sprayer

Caution – Sprayers & Weed Killers

A word of caution is in order at this point however, in regard to the weed-killing chemicals such as Round-Up.

Even small residues of some of these herbicide remaining in the sprayer may prove harmful to flowers and shrubs, if the sprayer is not thoroughly cleaned after use.

Since the recommended cleaning process is not easy, many professional gardeners, therefore, mark the weed sprayer in some way and use it only for applying weed killers and purchase another sprayer or sprayers for regular use.

Thanks to modern sprays it is now possible to control garden insects, plant diseases and weeds to a degree almost undreamed of a few years ago. With Now, the new sprayers for the garden, the job is much easier.

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