Front Lawn Landscaping: Garden Ideas and Plans DIY Expressions

Front yard landscapes are a great way to showcase your home from the front porch to the street, including fountains and lighting.

It is a way to say, “Welcome” starting with the front yard landscape design continuing to the front door.

If you were visiting your house for the first time, would you feel welcomed walking up to the porch and knocking or be wondering if someone the person knocking was going give you some needed lawn care advice?


Don’t know the answer? Maybe it’s time for a hard look for some cub appeal to spruce up the front garden and yard.

Make the best use of plants, grass most likely green grass, shrubs, flower bed, stones, rocks, water features, planting beds, and well-drained soil in your design ideas and DIY projects.

Importance Of The Front Yard Landscape

The front yard, how it is planted and maintained gives the impression of the character of the home, making the front yard landscape planting an area of great importance.


A few generations ago the front yard was dressed up with flower beds, borders along the walk, and flowering shrubs; while the “backyard” was more or less “off-limits.”

Today much of that has changed and real gardening is usually done in the backyard. However, on many properties, the house is located fairly well back from the street.

The front yard area and the way in which it is landscaped, planted, and cared for, serves to give visitors and those who pass by the impression of the character of your home. The planting of the front yard is therefore very important.

In planning this area, usually 3 things are to be aimed at. They are:

  • A planting that will “tie in” and be appropriate to the character of the house itself and the foundation planting
  • An attractive but simple arrangement of plant material
  • A planting requires minimum expense and time for its upkeep

This allows for more time and money to be available for more important and interesting gardening operations in the backyard landscaping plan and the outdoor living room.

Small Trees For Front Yard Landscape

DIY landscaping ideas for small front yard can include small trees. Landscape designs for small front yards give homeowners many opportunities to use many kinds of low-growing trees.

Some small trees for landscaping – under 30′ feet – are valued merely for shade, while others have attractive flowers and fruits in the spring and fall. Others have brilliant autumn colors, serving as desirable ornamentals for more than one season.

Buying a tree generally depends on two factors:

  • cost
  • rate of growth

Trees when mature need to be in scale with the house. They are much easier to spray and prune.

Some trees are narrow inhabit, others round and mound-like. Some need a protected spot to thrive.

All can be planted to advantage providing interest at advantageous points. Certain kinds, however, are more suitable for special situations.

When selecting trees planted near walkways, remember fallen leaves can make walkways slippery.

Consider fruit or dogwood trees, they are beautiful and fill the air with sweet fragrant scents.

Front Door Landscaping – Decorating Front Porches

In do-it-yourself landscaping in the front door, size is the driving factor in decorating and front porch curb appeal.

Some porches create a warm comfortable feel, with the addition of tables, benches, colorful fabrics, and accent pieces.

Decorative pottery, potted plants, and Boston ferns, for example, add beauty, color, and depth to a front porch or patio area.

Climbing vines – roses with flowers, attractive clematis vines, and attractive Mandevilla plants – make impressive accents to archways or porch railings. Select vines which do not grow wild.

Walkways and Sidewalk

Walkways and paths need to be kept free of debris, clean, and be well maintained.

Landscape bricks and pavers dress things up. The addition of garden lighting can “guide” visitors and guests arriving after dark.

If the front sidewalk or driveway needs repair, contact your local public works if they are responsible for repair.

Make the necessary arrangements to fix these areas for safety but also curb appeal. Sidewalks that are solid like concrete or brick are better than loose rocks.

Creativity can make a front entrance an inviting highlight to your front yard.

Fountains Or Ponds

A pond, small fountain, or water feature is a peaceful soothing addition to the front yard garden. Beware, stay away from anything considered “too overwhelming” for the space and noisy.

Remember fountains and water features require attention. Water must be kept clean or it becomes a bug and insect breeding ground.

No Confusion

As with most landscaping the best advice for the front yard landscape plan – keep it simple.

If the approach, front yard, walkway, or porch look overgrown like a jungle or make people think they are going through a maze to find the front door they may feel uncomfortable.

A neat, well-maintained front yard design, will delight every time you or a guest walks up to the front door.

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