Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help our visitors learn more about and using the website.

What We Do And What We Share!

Our “plant history” roots go back to the early 1970’s as a commercial nursery owner and grower. Over the years we’ve written 1000’s of articles on plant care.

But in today’s “internet age” there are thousands of blogs providing interesting information on plants, products, how-to’s, videos and a whole lot more… There’s just too many blogs to stay updated with.

We created to share our experience and that of others. We spend hours trawling the web (so you don’t have to), to find and share the best of the best from some of the world’s most incredible garden bloggers.

Why We Link To

We link to for the simple reason that we publish to a variety of different social media networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and others.

Each social network displays and formats information differently, publishing to allows us to make sure our shared tips can be posted in a variety of different formats and followed using a visitors preferred social network.

Where to find the link to the Original Source.

The original source (unless provided by is located under the short introduction! – See image below….


Several factors may attribute NOT locating the link to the “original source.”

Not only do social networks present information differently, so do the many viewing options available.

Desktops, tablets and smartphones, devices like an iPad, iPhone, Android, Nexus, or Kindle Fire all have their little twist.

Devices display content differently depending on the device and is out of our control.

At we work very hard to make our site is as easy to navigate as possible on as many devices as possible.

Why does a link not work?

Since we are sharing content from others, from time to time a link may “not work.”

The site may:

  • Be offline
  • Experiencing extreme traffic it cannot handle (traffic jam)
  • Removed the post (rarely)
  • Device may not be capable of displaying the content

Most of the time we find the site is currently not able to handle the spike in traffic. Usually, waiting a bit to revisit the site “cures” the problem.

Managing Plant Care Today Post in the Facebook Newsfeed

We’ve been asked to “unsubscribe” a user from receiving the PlantCareToday’s post in their Facebook newsfeed.

We are sorry… but Facebook simply does not allow us to unsubscribe you from receiving our posts in your newsfeed. .

If you do no longer want to receive any of our posts, just UNLIKE our page and you should not get any updates in your newsfeed from us.

Here the FB explanation on how to do this:

Why Do I Need to Sign For Your Email List To See Your Post?

We DO NOT require any sign up for email to view our content.

If you are asked to sign up to a newsletter you are NOT on our site.

We do have a newsletter we would love for you to join… but it is not required.

Sign Up HERE!


Virus and Malware

Using the internet does come with potential risk.

Our servers, data and website is professional monitored and scanned every night for virus and malware to keep our website clean and our visitors safe.

Before linking to other sources we check each link for potential virus and malware issues. However, different anti virus programs may return different results.

Searching For Post On

To find other topics of interest or previous post each page on the website has a SEARCH BOX located in the right hand sidebar. See image below..

Simply enter in the topic and you will search through our database of 1000’s of articles.


The Team