Design Tips and Ideas On Landscaping A Small Yard

Question: I have a small yard and want to landscape a terrace area to get the most impact possible, do you have any ideas for landscaping a small area? Benjamin, NJ.

Answer: Benjamin, there are no shortages of “How To” ideas on small yard landscaping ideas. Plus, small spaces does not mean you lose all landscape possibilities and design elements.

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Some may own a small front yard… other gardeners small backyards but there are many options to make small outdoor areas look great, create privacy, use space wisely, make it eco-friendly all with a low budget.

As with most landscaping design projects, large or small, front yard or back, a Japanese garden or accommodating a cat or dog – planning is key in garden designs for small yards.

Everything from small backyard design, working with the space available, to plants that have the room to fit the area but are not overpower – spend the time and plan!

Be realistic, your room and space is limited… so boulders and large rocks, a breath-taking flower garden, or a large pond are out.

However, you can create a beautiful landscape to surround your home, a place to spend free time and incorporate into your lifestyle with comfort.

Small Space Landscaping Tip – Build Up Not Out

When landscaping small yards and since the space is “limited” build up using raised flower beds for your plants to create a different view. You can do this easily yourself and save some money along the way. One positive – your landscaping cost should also be lower for smaller projects – so enjoy that benefit.


Another idea that small yards can take advantage of is to plant in containers only – container gardening is a great option for terrace landscaping to maximize space and impact – add accent with decorative pots & planters. You can mix in and plant with seasonal colors and change things out when they “lose color” and create your work of art.

Container gardening usually takes up less overall space and you can move the plants around if needed for an outdoor space party. The containers can also be part of the small garden landscape design. Planters today come in so many size and shapes and have their own design flare and can come all together with some patioscaping.

Watch the Colors in A Small Yard

When designing think about the colors you want your small yard to have. Colors can “effect” the space to give different perceptions.

Cool colors like blue can actually make a space look larger. Plants like evergreens can offer your yard a feeling of largeness – Blue spruce and Alberta pine are good examples.

Don’t Rule Out a Rock Garden

Another idea to consider even for small landscape spaces is a rock garden. Rock gardens when well-designed make attractive focal points, conversation topics and can offer unique features in small areas.

Does your property have a little corner or nook on the property – even a raised bed up against the house, will work for a small rock garden.

With small spaces take the time to choose rocks for your landscape carefully – (look local), find ones that complement each other.

The same goes for the plants – choose plants that look like the go naturally with the rocks and will not spread out too much, you don’t want to cover the rocks or stones. The purpose of the rock garden is to draw the eye – it doesn’t need to be massive.

Yes, You Can Have Water Features!


If a water feature is really what you want, it is possible for a small one in a limited landscape area. Small water features along the lines of serenity fountains can be purchased for outdoor use.

You may even consider a birdbath to create a feeling of elegance to the small yard design. A small water feature carries a lower price, lower maintenance and a lot of value compared to installing a large pond or small backyard waterfall.

Just like containers water features – fountains, birdbaths, small pools come in a variety of types and designs, you should be able to find one to fit the size and the look of your yard.

Even if small yards, the landscape design can enlarge the look of the space in an attractive manner. Take the steps to carefully consider the design, use small features and cool colors.

Look at what would help give your small place of paradise a touch of elegance, one you feel relaxed in, offers entertainment value and fits your lifestyle. Make your small landscaping project an escape zone.

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