How Big Do Venus Fly Traps Get

Venus Fly Trap

There are a lot of famous plants out there, but none are as famous (or infamous) as Audrey II. This man-eating plant captured the hearts of millions, starring in a

How To Water Your Venus Fly Trap

Venus fly trap growing in a terrarium

None of the carnivorous plants out there is as iconic as the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula). Sadly, this plant is so popular that poaching has led to it becoming an

Venus Fly Trap Turning Black – Why?

Venus fly trap up close

Venus fly trap (Dionaea Muscipula), as its name suggests, is a small carnivorous plant.  Featuring hinged leaves lined with teeth around the edges, the plant is known for its unique

Pinguicula Genus [Butterwort Plant] Growing And Care

Foliage and flowering Butterwort Plant - Pinguicula

Pinguicula [ping-WIK-yoo-la] genus consists of carnivorous plants and members of the Lentibulariaceae family. The plant’s common name butterwort comes from the Latin word pinguis, which means small and fat one. It was coined