Barbecue Light: How To Tips On Lighting Your Barbecue Area

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Summary: Landscape lighting usually does not supply enough barbecue light for the patio/BBQ area. Discover some tips on the best way to provide outdoor barbecue light.

Question: Our backyard garden has a fair amount of landscape lighting providing what is called “spill lighting”, but, we need to add more on our recently updated patio area. Any suggestions?Clay, Atlanta, Georgia

Answer: Lighting the landscape garden is one type of lighting task. However, you’ll probably need more than low voltage lighting to supply enough outdoor barbecue light for the cooking area.


Your outdoor cooking area consist primarily of a working space. The area needs plenty of lighting, preferably from high above so the light is not in your eyes.

How To Light A Barbecue Grill And Eliminate Shadows

To eliminate shadows and prevent overcooking of foods, use two or more barbecue grill lights from different directions.

Two 150-watt bulbs mounted 10 to 15 feet above the ground and pouring light over each of the cook’s shoulder would be a good choice.

Where To Mount Barbecue Lighting

Mount outdoor barbecue lighting on the walls of your house or other convenient structure, or use a couple of high pole game and work lights. They may not be the most attractive… but it works!

If your fireplace or barbecue is some distance from your table, make certain that you have adequate light to guide you in carrying the food to and from the eating area.

This may not require separate planning since there usually is enough spill light from the two areas.

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