10 Frugal Gardening Tricks For More Effective Growing

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Gardening is a beloved hobby and past time for millions of men, women, and children around the world.


Below you’ll find 10 helpful tips and tricks for saving money while growing your own garden.

These helpful ideas will teach you ten simple ways to make your garden the best it can possibly be – all without spending too much money!

Gardening at times can be hard work, but it’s undeniably a gift that keeps giving. A source of physical and spiritual nourishment. A sanctuary or simply a place to relax.

Whatever the case, knowing some tricks can keep it beautiful.

Using Tools In Creative Ways

Marking a shovel handle with (inches, feet or centimeter, meter) helps accurately space seeds and plants. To measure, lay down the shovel and mark.

Using Coffee Filter As A Plug

To prevent soil from leaking out the bottom of a pot, place a coffee filter over the hole. Learn more on uses for old coffee grounds.

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Over Potting Large Pots

Large pots look amazing but often use too much soil. Put an empty plastic bottle or a milk jug at the bottom, reduces space in that pot, requiring less soil to fill.

Testing Seeds

Seeds have a shelf life. To test seeds viability before planting. Place a wet paper towel inside a plastic bag.

Place a handful of seeds inside. Wait a couple of days. If seeds are good, they will start to grow.

Preventing Weeds

Prevent weeds with sheet mulching. Place layers of newspaper – a couple sheets or cardboard will do. Next cover with leaves, grass clippings or mulch. Very eco-friendly.

Planting In A Circle

Some plants grow better planted in unconventional ways. Example, plant sunflowers in a circle. Once fully grown, you will have a separate area where no one can see into.


Bright Colors Attract Birds

Some birds build their nest around brightly colored things. Placing ribbons, cloth strips and other colorful items on a tree, “inspires” birds to nest there.

Handy Gardening Twine

Nail a funnel to your potting bench (the spout should face downward). Feed wine through the hole. Twine will always be handy.

Paper Pots

Pots are awesome but pricey. You can easily use toilet paper rolls or newspaper.


An Easier Way For Canning Tomatoes

Canning tomatoes is often hard work. It’s usually the summer, and it’s already hot out there then you have to cook them? Fun fact, you can also freeze them in plastic bags! When you start to thaw them, their skin will easily come off.

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