8 Worst Of The Worst Ingredients In Processed Foods

Processed foods pack large amounts of ingredients, and some of them bring added advantages over other non-processed foods in the market. This ranges from the lengthened shelf life to their appealing looks.

However, ingredients used to provide these benefits also cause dangerous effects to your health and can even lead to death.

some of the ingredients In Processed Foods is surprising

Avoiding processed foods and their ingredients make a tough task particularly in these modern times. Therefore, a consumer should read the label of each product to prevent intake of dangerous ingredients. In addition, everyone must also count the amount of calories they take everyday.

To help you, we listed the names of some harmful ingredients and how they affect your body.

#1 – High Fructose Corn Syrup Ingredient (HFCS)

Also known as HFCS, this ingredient does not do any better than common sugar far from the common claim. The High Fructose Corn Syrup ingredient holds substances such as the glycosidic bond, fructose, and sucrose, which slows the breakdown of food in the human body.

Upon consumption of this ingredient, the high-fructose corn syrup content gets shuttled directly to the liver where its metabolization takes place. As the liver serves as the only fructose burner, it works hard whenever you eat foods overflowing in High-Fructose Corn Syrup such as typical western style dishes. As a result, fructose ends up taxing and causing damage in the same way alcohol does to your liver.

Moreover, fructose gets broken down into fats like alcohol and stored in the fat cells. This diet leads to mitochondrial malfunction obesity and other obesity-related conditions.

Dieticians recommend keeping the fructose intake below 25 grams a day. In fact, the more fructose you ingest, the more implications it does to your health.

You can get fifteen grams of fructose from two bananas, a third of a raisin, or 2 Medjool dates. On the other hand, processed foods contain thrice or even more times of fructose than organic or non-processed foods. For example, a 12-ounce of soda contains 20 grams of fructose which mean one drink exceeds the daily limit of fructose.

#2 – Artificial Sweeteners

Many studies show that tasting anything sweet enhances your appetite regardless of its calories. Consuming artificial sweeteners result to even greater weight gain than the intake of regular sugar.

Aspartame strongly affects your body, and it goes the same with other artificial sweeteners such as saccharin sucralose and acesulfame potassium. All things considered, weight gain only serves as a tip of the iceberg. Artificial sweeteners may cause diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and kidney failure.

A recent study shows how artificial sweeteners alter your gut microbiome for the worse. For example, the best-selling artificial sweetener destroys fifty percent of the vital gut flora.

For a while, many knew about the other effects of sucralose consumption. It also causes inflammatory diseases due to its ability to interfere with gastrointestinal functions. Some sweeteners when heated produce Chloropropanols, classified as dangerous dioxins known for its ability to affect the DNA significantly.

To sum up, consumers should avoid artificial sweeteners entirely. Always check the processed foods being sold to keep away from these toxic food additives. Alternatively, look for foods that also serve as a sweetener but without harmful elements such as honey.

#3 – Artificial Flavors

When you read the labels of any processed foods, you will find it difficult to understand what they mean. This may imply one unnatural food additive, or a mixture of different artificial substances to come up with a flavor they wanted. Some of these food additives cause grave health concern and you should think twice before ingesting them into your body.

For example, sellers may need to use up to fifty chemicals to create strawberry fruit flavor additive which lasts longer than its organic counterpart. Butter flavor or diacetyl makes another good example of compounded chemicals. Mostly used in microwave popcorns and junk foods, this flavor deals several implications to your brain health.

Consumption of diacetyl can lead to beta-amyloid formation. The development of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain may soon erupt to a condition far worse. Alzheimer disease, a type of brain-degenerating condition leading to premature senility may occur as a result of heavily compromised brain health out of beta amyloid plaques.

Genetically engineered flavor enhancers may come included as an artificial flavor label. To avoid acquiring grave health conditions, always read the label of any processed foods. You may also check out natural food flavors available in the nearest grocery store.

#4 – Vegetable Oils And Trans Fats

Trans fats did not disappear from the ingredient list causing numerous health problems since their introduction in 1911. These transfats accelerate inflammation causing multiple chronic diseases. Also, trans fats affect even the most basic cell membrane function giving access to many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

The trans fat ingredient also increases the risks of suffering from a stroke. According to a study in 2010, women who consumed trans fats daily garner 30% higher chance of suffering ischemic strokes compared to those who don’t. Moreover, the vegetable oils degrade to toxic oxidation byproducts after the heating process, but many ignore this important detail.

Cyclic aldehyde, an example of a toxic oxidation byproduct of vegetable oils, appears as the leading cause of inflammation. Also, it increases the chances of acquiring Alzheimer disease and some heart diseases. Canola oil, corn starch, and soybeans oil may sometimes occur as genetically engineered hence,

Some of the vegetable oils available such as canola, corn and soybeans may come as genetically engineered, hence, contaminated with glyphosate. Learn more about hydrogenated vegetable oils here. [source]

#5 – Monosodium Glutamate

MSG or monosodium glutamate, a type of flavor enhancer usually comes as an ingredient in different Chinese foods. However, it also adds flavor to many processed foods such as salad dressing, frozen meals, and junk foods.

Monosodium glutamate as an Excitotoxin over-excites your body cells until it causes their deaths. Regular intake of this substance results in brain dysfunction, and it damages the organ to a large extent. In addition, this ingredient worsens the disability in learning.

MSG aggravate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease as well as other health implications. This substance contain an enormous amount of free glutamic acid which serves as a stimulant. It causes your nervous system and some of your organs to overreact which may lead to multiple organ failures.

The US Food and Drugs Bureau continuously dispels the harmful effects of monosodium glutamate to human body organs. However, research studies and expert reports show otherwise.

For many years, MSG plays a huge role in cases of complications including chronic diseases, rapid heartbeat, weight gain, numbness, and a lot more. Keep away from foods with MSG to maintain a healthy body. Check on the label for either “MSG” or “Monosodium Glutamate” before purchasing or consuming the processed food. [source]

#6 – Preservatives

Food manufacturers and fast foods add preservatives to give longer shelf life to different processed foods. This increases their profit at the expense of the consumer. Most of these preservatives contribute to many chronic diseases such as allergic reaction and cancer among others.

Butylated Hydrozyttoluene (BHT) and Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) make a few of some of the preservatives affecting the neurological system of the human brain. They influence the human behavior and cause some types of cancer. On the other hand, intake of the toxic preservative Tertiary Butylhydroquinone, even if for five grams can cause death.

Sodium benzoate, found in most fruit juices, salad dressing, and soda, make children more hyperactive, and distractible to a large extent. Meanwhile, sodium nitrite, a commonly used preservative found in french fries, chicken nuggets, deli meat, bacon, and hot dogs contributed to increased rates of colorectal, pancreatic, and stomach cancer.

#7 – Artificial Colors Or Dyes

The United States food industry reportedly released an estimated 15 million pounds of artificial colors to the market. A study by Purdue University suggests children all over the world consume more toxic food dyes than expected. A variety of commonly available artificial coloring or food dyes and preservatives caused children to become hyperactive and distractible.

The amounts available in most food for kids packs more dye than the amount proven to bring an adverse effect on children’s behaviors. In the US, the food colorings come from tar found to keep links with some health issues like allergic reactions, hyperactivity, and cancer. This report came from a study conducted by the United States chemical industry.

In one of the experiments carried out on a mouse, the red number 40 used dye accelerated the appearance of immune system tumors. On the other hand, the blue artificial color which makes the second most used food in candies, pet foods, and beverages has links with many cases of brain tumor. Yellow food coloring mainly used to create candies, baked goods, and cereals contain cancer-causing chemicals.

#8 – Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Studies carried out proved that genetically modified ingredients make a harmful addition to processed foods due to the health dangers they possess. Moreover, some processed foods do not disclose the genetically engineered ingredients included. Due to this, consumers find it difficult to know these GMOs-infested foods.

Ultimately, to keep away from genetically modified organisms one must only purchase foods with an organic food label. The latest study on GMOs used pigs, and this became one of the sound scientific studies carried out to reveal the effects of genetically modified diets.

Researchers raised and fed pigs with genetically engineered corn and soy. These experiments produced shocking results as the diet caused severe inflammation in the stomachs of the pigs. The inflammation measured 2.6 times higher on pigs fed with genetically modified foods than those fed with non-genetically engineered diets.

This means a human who feeds on genetically modified foods will experience adverse effects in the body. It may lead to a variety of diseases ranging from cancer and heart diseases among others. For this reason, most developed countries banned the production or sale of foods with GMOs as one of its ingredients.

Most progressive countries do not consider genetically modified organisms safe for their people to consume. As a matter of fact, these country regarded GMOs as highly dangerous. Check this website to see the results of the study of GE. [source]

The fact that these ingredients come in almost all of the processed foods we consume on a daily basis to read food labels to avoid these toxic substances. Many people tend to ignore reading the ingredient list as they seem in a hurry to consume these foods. With all dangers listed above, continuing this bad practice puts you and your family’s health at risk.

According to experts, organic foods remain as the healthiest option for everyone. As it comes free of harmful elements, families will enjoy its optimal benefits. Consider buying home-grown and organic food labels.

Your health should come first before intake any food into your body as you may unknowingly take in substances leading to early death. This also applies to your children as some of the chemical used in processed foods can cause stunted growth, deformities, and even death. As the saying goes “better safe than sorry,” check whatever you ingest for a healthy life.