Discover the joy of attracting hummingbirds with homemade nectar. Simple ingredients, pure cane sugar, and water are all you need to create a feast for these tiny, vibrant birds.

Welcome Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Mix 1 cup of pure cane sugar with 4 cups of boiled water. Stir until the sugar dissolves completely. Cool overnight in the refrigerator to create the ideal hummingbird food.

The Perfect Recipe for Hummingbird Nectar

Clean your feeder thoroughly to prevent mold and debris. Fill it with the cooled sugar water, ensuring no spills to avoid ants. Place the feeder in a quiet spot for the best birdwatching.

Filling Your Feeder

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Avoid red dye and substitutes like brown sugar or syrups. Pure cane white granulated sugar is the safest choice. Ensure the water is clean and free from heavy chemicals for the healthiest nectar.

Tips for a Healthy Hummingbird Diet

Regularly refresh the feeder every three days, especially if the nectar becomes cloudy. Watch as these flying jewels enjoy your homemade nectar, bringing life and color to your garden.

Enjoy the Hummingbird Show

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