Embrace the joy of caring for Spider Plants (Chlorophytum comosum). These low-maintenance beauties thrive with just a little care and can brighten any indoor space.

The Art of Spider Plant Care

Prune your Spider Plant when it gets too big, or when yellow or brown leaves appear. Spring and summer are the best times for pruning, encouraging healthy growth and manageability.

Knowing When to Prune

Use sharp scissors or pruning shears, always sterilized, to keep your plant healthy. Focus on removing brown tips, yellow leaves, and dead foliage from the base to promote new growth.

Pruning Essentials

Green Curved Line

Keep an eye on the roots to prevent rot. Prune them every 1-2 years for vigor. Don’t forget to clip and propagate the spiderlings for more green friends or to share with others!

Root Care and Propagation

After pruning, plant the spiderlings in fresh soil with proper drainage. With enough water, light, and humidity, they'll quickly grow into mature Spider Plants, ready to start the cycle anew.

A New Beginning

How To Prune A Spider Plant