Deadheading is the simple yet essential practice of removing spent flowers from plants. This task encourages more blooms, prevents disease, and keeps your garden looking its best.

The Art of Deadheading

For precise cuts and healthy plants, use sharp hand pruners or scissors. The Felco #2 pruners are highly recommended for their durability and efficiency in making clean cuts.

The Right Tools for the Task

Whether pinching with fingers or snipping with pruners, the technique varies by plant. For clustered blooms, wait until all flowers fade before removing. For individual blooms like roses, cut just above the first set of healthy leaves.

Technique Matters

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A weekly deadheading routine ensures continuous bloom and vitality in your garden. It's a small effort that yields significant rewards, prolonging the flowering season and enhancing plant health.

Regular Maintenance Rewards

For petunias, pinch off wilted flowers to prevent seed formation. Trim geraniums by snapping the spent flower cluster at its base. These simple practices keep your flowers blooming beautifully and abundantly.

Specific Tips for Popular Flowers

How To Deadhead: Roses, Petunias, Geraniums And Why You Should