Ever wondered why your indoor plants have brown tips? The answer might be simpler than you think. It's a common issue many plant lovers face.

The Mysterious Case of Brown Leaf Tips

Moving plants indoors can stress them out! Reduced lighting and acclimation are factors, but the real culprit is often - the water we use.

Stress and the Great Indoors

Professional growers use clean, untreated well water, sometimes purified through reverse osmosis. In contrast, tap water contains chlorine and fluoride, which can harm sensitive plants.

Growers vs. Home Water

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Green Curved Line

Chlorine and fluoride, added to city water for our health, can accumulate in plant leaves over time. The result is brown tips, especially in sensitive species like spider plants and peace lilies.

The Culprit: Tap Water

Reduce brown tips, by allowing tap water to sit overnight before using it on plants. This allows harmful chlorine to evaporate, making the water safer for your green friends.

A Simple Solution

Brown Tips on Houseplants Leaves A Reason Why!