30 Creative and Stunning Water Features To Dress Up Your Garden


A garden without a water feature just seems to be incomplete. There are so many unique and stunning water features on the market to make your garden stand out.

This post over at diyncrafts.com provides details on the many different ways you can make your garden look stunning by adding a water feature.

Sometimes a simple urn design is what you need. This is one of the most common ways and more or less resembles a bird bath.

Not only will it attract beautiful wildlife, it will nourish them too along with add a new element to the look of your garden.

Another option is a water wall. A water wall is a waterfall simulation which creates a great ambiance along with a very relaxing sound.

Finally, a stoned pond can bring a luxurious look to your garden. A small pond, surrounded by stones colored to perfectly match your flowers. Learn more at: