Tips On Lighting Interesting Landscape Garden Features

Summary: Landscape lighting helps to showcase interesting garden features and make them appealing to the eye in the nighttime garden. Drama can be created on these focal objects with proper lighting to bring out interest in your corner of the landscape.


Question: We have a small fountain we would like to “show off” using some type of landscape lighting. What is the best way to give it have some “eye candy.” Amy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Answer: Amy, in addition to the growing things in your garden, you also have other interesting features that, when “pointed out” by landscape lighting, will make an eye-appealing addition to your nighttime garden scene.

It may be your small fountain or other piece of garden statuary, or it could be a sundial, a birdbath, a flower cart, or even an interesting fence or trellis.

Any of these may be dramatized by proper lighting to bring an unusual bit of color and interest to one corner of your picture.

Most statuary and other decorative garden structures are usually best lighted with two comparatively soft lights from different angles.

This is particularly true of light surfaces that might otherwise reflect an undue amount of light back at you, creating a glaring brilliance that would make the object unpleasant to view.

One with a large flower shield, can provide an excellent source of hidden light for this purpose.

To emphasize texture, such as an interesting stone wall or wooden fence, use a light that originates close to the surface and is aimed to just graze across it.

Give the surface additional emphasis by placing the light at the foot of the wall and aiming it almost straight up at a sharp angle.