Tips in Choosing the Perfect Grass for Your Landscape

If you enjoy the look and feel of grassy lawns, then there are some important things you should now when it comes to choosing the perfect grass for your landscape.

By learning a few things, you will be able to create a lawn that is low maintenance, energy efficient and makes your lawn look the best in town.



Colors Of Grass To Choose

The most popular color of grass is dark green. Everyone wants a deep shade of green for his or her landscape. The only problem with this is that some of your new grass will be invaded with other lighter shades of green.

If you prefer dark grass but have light green grass now, choose a turf that blends well because over time, the grass you did not plant will take over the new grass. Lighter shades of green are just as pretty.

Types Of Grass

Native or exotic grasses will come in all sizes and shapes with a variety made fro every landscape idea and location.

It does not matter if you have hot or cold weather, moist or dry, you will be able to find the right grass for you.

There are grasses that grow better in the shade as well as grasses that do best in the hot sun. The key is to choose the best one for your situation.

Get Down To The Roots

Before you get started on planting your new grass, remember some important factors. Determine the size of the area that you are planting, along with the location, and the soil conditions.

You can go to any home and garden center and ask them what the best types of grass are best for you.

Ready To Plant Your Grass

Once you are ready to plant, there are many different methods to choose from including sowing the seed, and laying down sod.

Caring For Your New Lawn

Taking care of your new investment is up to you. You should maintain a good maintenance schedule which includes watering regularly, mowing twice a week, edging every 7 to 10 days, fertilizing four times a year, and maybe applying lime and thatching once a year.

Fertilizing And Watering

You want to keep your grass looking its best all the time. Watering and fertilizing will encourage good grass growth. Determine the best plan for you and for your lawn and then stick to it.

Turf grasses provide outstanding erosion control; absorb the noise and many harmful toxins. Your grass provides oxygen for your family and keeps the environment healthy. Be good to your grass and it will benefit you for years to come.

Sod Solutions Innovative Sod Selections

Sod Solutions has been developing superior turf varieties since the early 1990’s. They focus on bringing innovative sod selections of improved varieties which are patented to the market.

In this video, Sod solutions walks consumers through the selection process of choosing the right grass for their needs.