Synthetic Grass: Is It a Lawn Option To Consider?


Question: I’ve been looking at artificial grass to replace my natural grass in our landscape.

I live in southern California where water use and restrictions are an ongoing battle. I’ve noticed other homeowners buying synthetic grass. What are the advantages and pay-off installing artificial grass here in the LA – San Diego area? Michael Orange County, California

Answer: Michael, artificial lawns continue to find a growing landscape audience in many areas of the country, Southern California from Los Angles to San Diego and around Orange County are no exception.

California and the Southwest lead the way in the adoption of Xeriscaping – which refers to landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental irrigation. Artificial “turf” or grass fits right in.

Watering plants and irrigating large areas of grass can be costly and a maintenance hassle. Maintenance is one the biggest attractions to installing artificial grass.

Unlike natural grass — fake grass requires no irrigation, no yard fertilizer, plus takes the pounding and heavy use such as sports better than “real grass.”

California Landscapes

California’s largest water district has provided customers rebates when replacing their water-loving sod or grass with artificial turf.

California homeowners who desire a “green”, eco-friendly, water-wise, always green lawn all year-round can check for these rebate incentives. Many look at fake grass – as a water-saving device.

Typically, the average customer who installs artificial grass lawns will recoup their investment within 4 years. However, with the push to conserve water consumers may find multiple tax credits and rebates available to offset the installation cost.

The days of “Astro-Turf” are gone. Today, there are numerous options and grass types.

For example, one Fescue collection of synthetic grass offers various weights, heights and colors. There are also Blue-grass, Bermuda and Rye-grass collections available all made from 100% nylon and ideal for landscape applications for high foot traffic.

Increasing Landscape Use

One reason for increased use of synthetic grasses comes from governmental pressure. Water districts around the country now restrict outdoor water use and even tell homeowners which days they can water their lawns and between what times.

This number will increase as communities, water districts and homeowners look for more “green” and environmentally friendly ways to enjoy the landscaped outdoors with lower cost, without pesticides and lawn fertilizers which can also compromise water supplies.

However, since the early 1990s, the use of artificial grasses no longer find their home only on athletic fields but have moved to both residential and commercial landscaping installation.

A low cost, low maintenance option to natural grass, synthetic grass is also in use on roof-top or apartment gardens.

Many a golfing homeowner could only dream of a backyard putting green. The upkeep of natural grass would be too great. But with the option of artificial turf lawn, personal home putting greens can now be a reality.

They can be a perfect amenity for residential and commercial applications.

Residential Applications

Artificial lawn grass in residential settings is greener, cleaner and affordable as well. Homeowners can go the synthetic grass route and turn their “lawn” and landscape into a virtually maintenance-free or low maintenance area.

Homeowners who opt for synthetic grass:

  • Can replace lawns with dead or dried grass in the front and back yard with a “perfect” fake lawn
  • Create a design with renovations to the landscape taking advantage of complimentary stone and paving features
  • Compliments BBQ’s, patio, outdoor entertaining areas, and swimming pools with easily drainable grass
  • Durable in play areas children and adults
  • Cost-effective for small areas like apartment gardens, patios, roofs and balconies
  • Excellent landscape grass option for pet and dog areas, golf and playground applications

A Transforming Grass

The use of artificial grasses in the landscape is quickly becoming a common “turf” for waterless lawns. It is a true “green” solution for the 21st Century.

Imagine for a moment your “Perfect Lawn” – a lawn, never needing mowing, watering, weeding or feeding.

The kind of grass which transforms a garden space with a fast, efficient and instant solution that fits a truly modern lifestyle for both residential and commercial use. Plus it can be used on decking, on balconies and roof gardens too.