Spring/Summer/Fall Patio Makeover: Time For A Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit


According to the American Society of Landscape Architects – when surveyed… 97% of homeowners ranked fire pits and fireplaces as their most wanted design idea. And… they do not have to be expensive, like this DIY fire pit for around $50.

Fire pits and fireplaces are a great way to accent your patio, but which one should you chose?

A Houzz, Laura Gaskill gives some excellent tips to help maximize your space and your budget. She’ll help guide you through all of the tough decisions and helps to answer some of the questions such as “should I get a gas or a wood burning fireplace?”.

Laura offers this piece of advice:

Gas fire bowls produce negligible amounts of heat below the burner, whether there is “padding” below or not. The type of complete systems that you might buy at a big box store will be fine on a wood deck, and anything that requires more installation than a “plug and play” should be installed professionally, in which case your fire pit expert will help you with safe installation.

She also gives a few must have tips on fire safety. Are you burning to read this post yet? I know I am. Details via houzz.com

Tips For Building A Backyard Fire Pit For Your Home