Spraying Equipment For The Homeowner

Spraying for liquid application and dusting (old school) for dry application are two common methods of applying insecticides and fungicides. The majority of pest control products are available in sprayable form.

Which to use is largely a matter of personal preference or the application equipment you possess.



Generally speaking, it is more economical to use sprays than dusts, particularly in large gardens. In addition, sprays usually give better control of insects and diseases than equivalent chemicals in dust form.

Those who have large flower or vegetable gardens would be well advised to consider the purchase of suitable spray equipment.

The beginner or plant lover who has just a few plants to contend with will require only a small hand sprayer. However, much more satisfactory spraying can be effected with a compressed air sprayer.

There are many different types of sprayers on the market with many capacities and with different types of discharge equipment. Both economy and deluxe models are available.

A sprayer for used to spray the vegetable or flower garden can usually be used for small fruit and shade trees. For larger trees, a power sprayer is useful.

Compressed air sprayers are also useful for applying weed killers to lawns. However, care should be taken not to use the same garden sprayer for weed killers as for insecticides and fungicides.

Residues in the sprayer and drift from high pressure from weed killers may harm susceptible flowers and vegetables. Most growers use a very low volume – low pressure sprayer for applying weed killer like Round-up.

A dedicated plastic “Weed Sprayer” is a very economical method of applying weed killers to lawns. This is a small plastic sprayer holding about a gallon. large sizes are available.

Simply mix the solution with water (always read the label and follow the directions) pump and spray. They are light in weight, self-cleaning and certainly easy to use.

An excellent sprayer for those serious on applying sprays to their plants is the backpack sprayers from Solo which you can find at Amazon.