5 Quick Tips To Add Holiday Lighting Flair

Here are a few ways to add some twinkle to the inside or outside of your home with lights courtesy American Lighting Association.

Make the Entryway a Priority – The front door is a visitors first impression. Light up some trees and shrubs with easy to install landscape uplighting. Don’t forget the to light the path for the sidewalk or driveway.

Portable spotlights – Use portable spotlights to highlight highlight wreaths, Christmas art or reflective decorations.


Illuminate corners – Place lighting behind trees to accent, cast shadows or backlight decorations. Experiment with color bulbs.

Picture lights – Use “picture lights” for not only pictures but wreaths, quilts, plates, artwork or kid crafts.

Buying Tip: Check Out Safe, Economical Long-lasting LEDs – If you’re buying Christmas lights this year, check out energy-efficient LED lights which last for years and consume 75 percent less energy.

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