How To Light Up The Party With Bright Lightweight, Rechargeable Outdoor Lamps

outdoor lamps

The company Fermod recently released a cool looking outdoor lamp for their “Balad Collection” which looks like a bucket.

Most of us think of outdoor lighting as being fixed as in the case of solar lighting.

However, being portable gives the ability to mix things up with a unique look. It’s probably the reason over the past few years mason jar lights have been so popular.

With colorful handles and a natural white light, these portable, chargeable lanterns are perfect to light your garden, porch, or campsite.

The Balad lamps, which are available in two sizes, get their name from the French verb ‘se balader,’ meaning “to walk around,” letting them light the way as you move from place to place. Via

I’d like to seem more companies provide options for not just outdoor lighting but portable lighting fixtures. That way you can ask people to not only bring their own bottle… but the outdoor lamps as well!

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