Salvia Leucantha Care: How To Grow Mexican Bush Sage

Blooming Salvia Leucantha

Salvia leucantha (SAL-vee-uh loo-KANTH-uh) is a member of the Lamiaceae (lay-mee-AY-see-eye) family of plants hailing from Mexico and Central America. This shrubby, evergreen perennial is also known as: Mexican Sage

Learn Salvia Amistad Care and Growing Tips

Blooming purple salvia amistad

Sage is one of the most beloved herbs out there, and the recent hybrid Salvia amistad (SAL-vee-uh ah-mees-tahd) has quickly become one of the most sought-after sage hybrids.  The common

Tips On Salvia Guaranitica Care

Blue Salvia Guaranitica

Salvia guaranitica (SAL-vee-uh, gwar-uh-NYE-tik-uh) or Brazilian Sage is an herbaceous perennial plant hailing from Northern Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.  The Salvia plant is a member of the Lamiaceae family.  The

How To Care For Salvia Chamaedryoides

purple blooms of Salvia Germander Sage

Salvia chamaedryoides [SAL-vee-uh, kam-ay-dry-OY-deez] has evergreen foliage and bright blue flowers.  It spreads easily, providing interesting ground cover for any garden or landscape. Salvia chamaedryoides is part of the salvia

Caring For Mojave Sage (Salvia Mohavensis)

Purple Mojave Sage

Salvia mohavensis [SAL-vee-uh, moh-hahv-EN-sis] is a perennial sage growing natively in the Little San Bernardino Mountains and other dry regions throughout Nevada, including the Mojave Desert. Salvia mohavensis is commonly

Salvia Nemorosa Info: How To Grow Woodland Sage

Blooming Woodland sage (Salvia Nemorosa)

Salvia nemorosa [SAL-vee-uh, nem-or-OH-suh] are herbaceous perennial plants which belong to the mint or sage family, Lamiaceae.  They are native to Europe and Western Asia grown and propagated for its showy flowers.