Is The Persian Shield Plant Poisonous?

iridescent purple leaves of Persian Shield Strobilanthes Plant

If you are looking for a dramatic display of color for your summertime garden, you can’t go wrong with Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus) as a container plant or bedding plant.

Growing Sea Thrift Plants: Care Of Armeria Maritima

Growing Sea Thrift Plants: How To Care For Armeria Maritima

Armeria Maritima [Ar-MER-ee-uh Mar-ih-TEE-muh] is an herbaceous perennial plant, belonging to the sea lavender family Plumbaginaceae (blue plumbago). This plant is native to temperate coastal areas and mountains in the

Shasta Daisy Care: How To Grow Shasta Daisies

White flowers of the Shasta Daisy

Currently one of the most popular types of daisy, Leucanthemum maximum (lew-KANTH-ih-mum MAKS-ih-mum) is a showy member of the Asteraceae family.  It is best known by the common names Shasta

Sweet Woodruff Care: Growing The Galium Odorata

White flowers of Galium odoratum

Galium odorata (GAL-ee-um oh-dor-AY-tum) is an herbaceous perennial groundcover that is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa. This member of the Rubiaceae family is a hardy, low maintenance plant

Is Periwinkle Plant Poisonous or Toxic?

purple pink blooms of the periwinkle plant

Periwinkle plants (Vinca spp.), also known as Vinca, are evergreen creeping flowering plants belonging to the Apocynaceae family along with the Desert Rose and Mandevilla vine.  Numerous species of periwinkle

Marguerite Daisy Care: Learning To Grow Argyranthemum Frutescens

Marguerite Daisy (Argyranthemum Frutescens Plant) delicate showy nature

The Marguerite Daisy aka Argyranthemum frutescens [ar-ji-RAN-the-mum, froo-TESS-enz] are excellent garden plants popular for their delicate showy nature and iconic daisy-like flowers. Belonging to the aster/daisy family Asteraceae, the plant has earned quite

Caring For And Growing Dwarf Miscanthus Adagio Grass

Adagio grass an excellent dwarf grass

The Maiden grass Adagio is a perennial, herbaceous grass hailing from the Poaceae family.  Its cultivar name, Miscanthus sinensis ‘Adagio’ (miss-KANTH-us sy-NEN-sis) pays homage to the relaxing slow dance it

How to Grow and Care For Trillium Plant

burgundy blooms of the trillium plant

There are at least 43 species of Trillium (TRIL-ee-um), which is a perennial woodland flower mostly native to the United States. Most are found in the eastern US.  Of the different

Learn How To Grow Statice Flower

Bllooming statice flower

Limonium sinuatum (lim-OH-nee-um sin-yoo-AY-tum) is an herbaceous perennial hailing from Western Asia, North Africa, and Europe.  It does well in Mediterranean regions. It is a member of the Plumbaginaceae family. 

Caring For Lomandra Breeze

Lomandra breeze with creamy white flowers

Lomandra breeze is a cultivar of the ornamental grass Lomandra longifolia.  It’s a dwarf variety of the plant commonly known as spiny-head mat rush.  Lomandra species belong to the Asparagaceae

Learn How To Grow Trientalis Borealis

Flowering Starflower - Trientalis borealis

Trientalis borealis (try-en-TAY-lis bor-ee-AL-is) is a wildflower native to the woods and forests of North America where it is found in birch and tamarack bogs, rises in sandy swamps and

Calluna Vulgaris Care: All About Growing Common Heather

blooms of the Calluna Vulgaris (aka Heather Plant)

Calluna vulgaris [kal-LOO-nuh, vul-GAIR-iss] is the sole species encompassing the Calluna genus. A part of the flowering plant family Ericaceae, this perennial plant has several common names including: Common Heather Ling plant Heather

Perennials for The Oceanfront

White Crinum lily blooms

Growing plants on an oceanfront is the most challenging task for any gardener.  The soil in these areas is completely arid.  Moreover, the wind blows constantly and delivers salty, burning

Fragrant Perennial Flowers

Viola one of many fragrant perennials for the garden

Whether you have a manicured garden or a cottage-style garden, adding beautiful flowering plants with sweet fragrances will enhance its beauty.  Fragrant flowers can add another layer of richness in

Perennials That Attract Hummingbirds

Hummingbird lunching on Bee Balm nectar

Hummingbirds are indeed fascinating in any garden. The key to attract hummingbirds into your garden is to add many hummingbird attracting annuals and perennials, which offer them food and shelter.  The

How To Deadhead Cannas And Why You Should!

beautiful flowers of the canna lily at Disney World, Orlando Florida

Cannas (Canna spp.) are cherished for their vibrant flower color and lush foliage as they add a vibrant pop to the garden beds and other landscapes.  The Canna lily (although

Growing Yucca Filamentosa: Caring For Adams Needle

Blooming Adams needle yucca plants

Yucca filamentosa (YUK-uh fil-uh-men-TOH-suh) is a flowering, evergreen shrub from the family Asparagaceae. Native to the Southeastern United States, Florida and is popular thanks to its unique shape and sword-like