Heliconia Stricta Flowers Perfect For Containers

Heliconia is one of the most attractive plants to add to your landscape. Its ease in growing is another plus. Among the many cultivars of Heliconia, the Heliconia stricta is an outstanding choice

How To Grow Virginia Bluebells

The Virginia Bluebells, a spring ephemeral, is one of the most delightful flowers in the early Spring gardens from the family boraginaceae. This genus of low-growing herbaceous perennial plants that’s

Butterfly Weed Care: How To Grow Asclepias Plant

blooms of the butterfly weed - Asclepias plants

The herbaceous perennial, Asclepias tuberosa (a.k.a. Butterfly Weed) makes an excellent addition to any garden, and especially suited to butterfly gardens. This beautiful, blazing native plant relative of milkweed family,

How To Care For A Shrimp Plant

Question: On a trip to Disney World we saw a landscape bed of “Golden Shrimp Plant.” Can the plant be grown indoors and will it flower? Or should it be

Caring For Hosta Plants – How To Grow Hostas

If you’re in an area where the landscape requires large, green, lush planting… look no further than Hosta Plants. Hostas known as plantain lilies provide an excellent foliage effect. They are

Growing The Tuberous Begonia

In the East, tuberous rooted begonias are grown successfully in many locations, some perfect, others makeshift. In Massachusetts, potted begonias with saucer-size blossoms of strong, pure color, brighten the shade

Tuberous Begonia Care Not Impossible

Have Tuberous Begonia care been a discouraging gardening project for you? Once you’ve seen them growing to perfection in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll probably vow to grow them where you

Iris Wonderful for Landscape Color

May is the month when landscape gardeners become conscious that irises are valuable hardy perennials for the garden. The tall bearded iris has come a long way from the “flags”

Growing Wax Begonias from Seed

wax begonias in assorted colors - pink, white, red

One of the greatest wonders to be seen in this wonderful business of growing plants indoors or out is the sprouting of a brown, dead-looking seed. And even more miraculous

Aromatic Hardy Asters: Growing And Care

attractive blooms of the hardy aster

Versatile, floriferous, winter hardy and dependable all describe the hardy dwarf asters. If this perennial is still a stranger in your garden, the reason is probably that you remember the

How To Grow And Care For Geraniums

Whether you have a garden in your backyard, or have a little planter on your window sill, if you are growing germanium’s, then you want the absolute best geranium care

How To Care For A Begonia: Video

Begonias come in all sizes, shapes, flower colors and with the rex begonia – leaf designs. Below is a good video on begonia care, offering tips needed for the proper

10 Perennials You Can Easily Grow From Seed

The thought of starting plants from seeds scares many home gardener off. They think it takes great skill or special equipment. Truth is… starting seeds in just like elementary school…