Learn How To Grow Statice Flower

Bllooming statice flower

Limonium sinuatum (lim-OH-nee-um sin-yoo-AY-tum) is an herbaceous perennial hailing from Western Asia, North Africa, and Europe.  It does well in Mediterranean regions. It is a … [Read more]

Caring For Lomandra Breeze

Lomandra breeze with creamy white flowers

Lomandra breeze is a cultivar of the ornamental grass Lomandra longifolia.  It’s a dwarf variety of the plant commonly known as spiny-head mat rush.  Lomandra … [Read more]

Fragrant Perennial Flowers

Viola one of many fragrant perennials for the garden

Whether you have a manicured garden or a cottage-style garden, adding beautiful flowering plants with sweet fragrances will enhance its beauty.  Fragrant flowers can add … [Read more]