Patio Landscaping Starts With A Foundation

Patio landscaping can be redone every year if you like… planting a new container garden, adding new planters are just a few ways to “change the look” every year.

How much does landscaping increase home value? Studies have shown it can increase the value by 12.4%.


If you are planning a new landscape for a brand new patio or making over an old patio, it is important to start with fresh clean concrete, paver, stone, or brick.

The patio foundation is the most important factor and one that will make your concrete patio landscaping a place for your whole family to enjoy.

Hard Scaping Your Patio

When it comes to the patio materials you’ll use, the decision is entirely up to you.

Any hard material will do, it just depends on your preference of patio flooring. You can choose from stone, rock, concrete slab, gravel, brick or even get fancy with tile.

Choose a material that best describes your space and suits your family’s style and needs. All of the above materials make a great looking and durable patio for any family to relax in.

The First Step To Your New Patio

The first thing you’ll want to do when getting started on your new patio, is building forms to add height to the patio area.

The additional height to your patio will help give the support your foundation needs. Just make sure that you are even with a doorway or entrance to your house.

Make sure that the edges are smooth and that there are no nails sticking out from the sides of your patio.

Once you have the forms for your concrete patio done, you are ready to add some movement to your patio.

If you are looking to achieve a curved look, you will need to use some bender board.

This is made from plastic and moves easily. Make sure that you add stakes in at about every 12 to 18 inches around the board to help keep its shape. This will add fun and creativity to your design.


Placing Your Materials For The Floor

Now it is time add your choice of flooring materials. By this time you would have decided on stone, cement, rock or even a decorative tile.

Follow the direction for the materials and put them carefully in their place. You want to take your time and make sure that your patio looks like a professional finished it.

You can be as creative as you want with the design. Just make sure that they are secure.

Final Touches

You may want to add a burst of color for a warm, inviting feeling with flowers and shrubs around your new patio landscape.

There are many different plants and flowers that can be used to line your patio with. You can do a clean line of greenery around the border of the patio, or go with a fun patch of wild flowers surrounding your creation.

Potted Plants

Remember if you do not want to plant flowers around your new patio, you can use potted plants to decorate your new family space. Potted plants are easy to take care of and add fun and beauty along with flexibility.

Choose simple plants in fun, unique pots. Whatever you decide on, make it a place your whole family will can enjoy and treasure.