Modern Patio Design: How To Rip Out The Concrete Patio

Modern Patio Design

Are you a fan… of those home improvement shows? Many new homeowners love the idea of renovating an older home. Usually the old backyard patio desperately needs a facelift and a more modern patio design.

If you’ve got a ton of concrete in your backyard patio or pool area it can be pretty unattractive especially with all the cracks they acquire over time.

Tearing down or out a concrete patio shouldn’t be a nightmare. Christine Tusher at Houzz.com shares the steps and some green ideas to get you started on that patio makeover.

Christine has this to say about those “ugly concrete patios.”

Concrete patios are often found in older homes, especially those built in the ’70s. But by now they’ve cracked and crumbled, leaving many homeowners wondering how to replace them, or even hoping to reclaim some of the green space lost by a particularly large patio.

Getting rid of a concrete patio enables you to replace it with a more attractive option — like pavers, stone or a modern combination.

Everyone loves a little green in their life because it breathes life into the area in color and the oxygen created by the plants. Plus the upgrade will improve your property value.

Christine’s post will give you the details for “replacing an old cracked patio with a fresh new one that better suits your style today.” More via Houzz.com