Make Your Own All-Natural Pesticide-Insecticide Spray

Being earth friendly is very desirable these days, but we still have to deal with pests. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do when insects invade your garden.

You don’t want to spray poison in your living environment or on our food crop, but what can you do?


How about we help you create your own all-natural pesticide-insecticide spray.

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Most people don’t realize that dish soap will kill insects on contact. Additionally, natural spices (e.g. hot pepper, garlic and onion) will repel them in the relative long term.

Therefore, combining these ingredients is a great way to make a natural and effective pest killing and repelling spray. Of course, the downside to this is that any insect repelling/killing spray (natural or not) will affect beneficial insects as well as those you do not want.

For this reason, it’s very important to use your spray wisely.

You should not spray your entire garden as you will usually eliminate and repel:

Instead, use your spray in selected areas to control infestations of unwanted insects.

When you create your own all natural pest spray, you can save money but also be eco-friendly.

While it is possible to find commercial products that contain hot pepper, garlic and other natural ingredients they usually cost a lot more than anything you could make at home using ingredients from your own kitchen.

All-Natural Pesticide-Insecticide Spray Recipe


  • One small onion chopped into chunks
  • 1 teaspoon powdered cayenne pepper
  • 1 quart of water
  • 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap


Combine the first three ingredients in your blender and liquify. Allow the mixture to steep for an hour and then strain it through a cheese cloth into a spray bottle.

Add the tablespoon of dish soap, close the bottle tightly and shake it gently to combine the ingredients.

It’s best to use this mixture up quickly; even though, it will keep for up to a week in the refrigerator.

NOTE: Always Test On Small Part Of A Plant First. Maybe Sure It Does Not Burn!

When spraying your plants, be sure to allow the mixture to reach room temperature first. Spray all surfaces of affected plants and be sure to watch out for and rescue beneficial insects!

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Handle With Care!

Be advised that even though the ingredients used to make this spray are natural, they can still cause irritation to your eyes, skin and nasal passages.

For this reason, you should handle the natural bug spray mixture with great care. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection and avoid inhaling overspray.

Additionally, if you know a certified organic grower…. you should double check to be certain that the ingredients you use are allowed by the regulations that govern you.