How To Easily And Affordability Make Custom Concrete Stone


Most brick and stone patios feature a brick pattern followed throughout the installation. However, when you come across a patio with a design that draws your eye… you stand up and take notice.

At folks at Olde World Stone and Tile Molds, Inc. have made is easy and affordable to the DIY’r to make their own custom concrete stone.

They claim, “No special equipment, knowledge, or location is needed. A garage, barn or basement works fine.”

The company features a free instructions website — www.eMoldStore.info — showing how to use concrete stone molds, concrete stains, colourants, sealers, additives and other supplies used by professionals to make custom man-made stone, pavers, brick veneer and tile.

Hundreds of styles and sizes of molds are available at www.eMoldStore.us

Via calgarysun.com

Looks like an interesting project to make your patio or driveway a one of a kind!

Image from calgarysun.com