Make A Cool Looking Large Leaf Birdbath – DIY Project

Garden Stew teaches you how to make a very cool concrete bird bath.

There is a lot of pictures in the tutorial on what to do and all the supplies you need are also included. You can also register and post on the forum thread if you have any questions.via Gardenstew

Here is another birdbath project made with a couple simple clay pots, easy to make and a nice tutorial in images!


If you’re thinking about making a birdbath from a leaf, here’s a few tips from birdsandblooms.com

Choose a leaf at least 10 inches long and 7 inches wide. (We used a hosta leaf here, but rhubarb, burdock, gunnera, castor bean, caladium and elephant-ear leaves also work well.) Cut the stem off.

Spread out a sheet of plastic or a large plastic bag to protect your work surface.

Shape the pile to approximate the size and shape of your leaf, but keep in mind that birds do not like baths that are more than a couple of inches deep.  Via birdsandblooms.com