Make A Lush Living Succulent Wreath [Tutorial]

We usually think of wreaths for the Christmas season. We hang them on the front door to greet guest.

But we can also use them to spruce up your garden and add a personal touch to your backyard.

The problem is, a Christmas wreath is going to look out of place most of the year! But a succulent wreath can get year round use.


Wreaths don’t always have to be made out of plastic or flowers and leaves that are sure to wilt. A wreath can also be lush and living.

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Learn the steps to make a beautiful living wreath that looks amazing either outdoors or indoors.

The wreath can continue to be grown, or the individual plants used can be placed back into the garden, no need to toss them.

This tutorial from covers the materials needed along with images and step by step instructions. Check out the tutorial via:


below you’ll find some other succulent wreaths for ideas. Some simple and other come loaded with lots of different types of succulents.

This is a very bright, colorful wreath with shades of purple, green and yellow. It contains a multitude of blossomed flower petals around it with sharp edges.


This wreath is a more minimalist one with a number of small, green colored plants adorning it, some of which are thin and spindly while others are slightly larger leaves which appear almost as blossoms. The colors range from dark greens to light greens.

A plethora of succulents that vary in size, shape and color come together to create a vibrant and stunning wreath.


This wreath spells out the word LOVE in capital letters. The exterior of the wreath is made of wood while a number of plants adorn the wood in various shades of purple, green and red.

This wreath spells out the letter F in capital letters maybe as the letter of the family living in the home. It is made solely of plants that range in color from dark shades of red and green. The slow background color makes the succulents look as if they are glued in place.

This wreath is in the shape of a capital D. The exterior is made of wood and Inside are a number of small cacti that are green in color.

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