Lighting Walks And Paths On Sides And Back Of The House


Summary: Providing adequate and necessary lighting and illumination along the sides of a house is just as important for the front walks and driveways and little additional lighting is required.

Question: How important is it to add landscape lighting to the sides of the house? I see the benefits of lighting the landscape in the back of the house but what about the sides? Jean, Olympia, Washington

Answer: Jean, it is just as necessary to provide for adequate illumination and lighting along the sides and back of your house as it is for the front walks and driveways.

Very little additional lighting is required for safe and clear vision along all paths and service areas. Use low mushroom lights or small louvered or frosted glass path lights located to light up attractive border plantings, thus lending additional color and interest.

Overhead floodlights, similar to those used in other parts of the home grounds also can be used.

Place them as high as possible to eliminate blinding glare and to give the largest possible circle of illumination with each fixture. Be particularly careful that the lights do not shine in your neighbor’s windows or home grounds.

Unshielded floodlight lamps can be used only if they are located high and out of the way. Mount all lights in tilting or swivel brackets so they may be aimed as required for best results.