5 Landscape Gardening Tips For Small Gardens

Many of us would love to create the dream landscape – large trees, flower garden beds, classy rock garden, water features, wonderful sitting area to take it all in. That requires lots of space. The … [Read more...]

How To Care For Phaius The Nun’s Orchid

The Phaius tankervilliae also know as the Nun's orchid is one of the easiest orchids to grow at home. The handsome foliage is large and palm-like, individual leaves being from 2 to 3 feet long and … [Read more...]

Poinsettia: An American Christmas Symbol

The poinsettia has become one of our most popular Christmas symbols. The Glory of the Poinsettia lies not in its flowers, but in its bracts. The true flowers of the poinsettia are the small … [Read more...]

Tips On Walkway Designs Driveway Solutions

When planning a driveway and walkway always attempt to make the design as straight as possible. This, of course, refers only to those walkways that are under 50 feet in length. The only real reason … [Read more...]

Coffee Grounds In Compost: What Are The Benefits?

Adding the coffee grounds in compost from your daily cup of java is a wonderful eco-friendly way to build a nutrient-rich compost soil. A compost that also includes yard waste and kitchen scraps like … [Read more...]

Cold Hardy Palm Trees: 5 Factors and Top Palms

Palm tree - when you hear those words what pops into your mind? Cold hardy palm trees are not what most people think of. Most people I've surveyed immediately think of the coconut palms dotting a … [Read more...]

April Lawn Care Making Yards Look Easy

Got a nice looking home with a lawn that's an eyesore to the neighbors? Chances are, you don't give Mother Nature the boost she needs - frequent and high mowings, timely soakings, a seeding when … [Read more...]

What is Lawn Aeration? – When And Why It Is Done

Lawn aeration "opens up" the turf to create passageways allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the grasses root system, plus it reduces thatch buildup and gives moss control. It severs some of … [Read more...]

BAMBOO PALM Plant: How To Care For The Chamaedorea Seifrizii

Let's talk about the bamboo palm! The spring and summer rains can be a very welcomed event for the palms and the south Florida area. It seems off and on all of Florida goes under water … [Read more...]