Coconut Coir: What Is Coco Coir And How To Use It In The Garden

Long fiber coconut coir is a traditional lining material for hanging baskets. Did you know that coco coir (a by-product of coconut processing) has found its way for use in potting mixes and hydroponic … [Read more...]

Rain Barrel: How To Make And Use Rain Barrels

The use of the Rain Barrel in the garden continues to grow in popularity. What Is A Rain Barrel? It's simply a container, often 50 -80 gallons in size, used to harvest and store captured rainwater … [Read more...]

How To Make An Amazing Small Space Hanging Gutter Garden

Gutters can make for some amazing garden planters. Here is a tutorial from the website You have to check this one out. Click on the link below to find out how this cool hanging … [Read more...]

Lantana Plant: How To Grow and Care For Lantana Flowers

The lantana plant, a bright, sun-loving plant producing flowers in abundance and rewarding you with lots of color. Mastering lantana care is not difficult. Made to order for any bright patio with lots … [Read more...]

Cordyline: How To Grow and Care For A Cordyline Plant

Want color in the landscape? Cordyline (Cordyline fruticosa) adds color to the landscape around your house whether planted inside or out. The leaf colors of the cordyline or Ti plant range from … [Read more...]

Growing The Azalea Plant: How To Care For The Azalea Flower

Summary: Azalea plants are excellent and brilliant landscape plants and growing azaleas is not difficult - easy grow, propagate and transplant. Question: We have heard azalea plants make good … [Read more...]

Lace Bugs: What Are They And How To Get Rid Of Them

Do your plants suffer from the plague of lace bugs? If you notice reddish-orange spots on the undersides of some of the leaves of your shrubs and trees - probably! These very small insects are … [Read more...]

Black Eyed Susan: How To Care For Rudbeckia Hirta

The Black Eyed Susan (aka: Rudbeckia hirta) is a lovely, daisy-like flower and a North America native. This hardy perennial makes an excellent choice in USDA hardiness zones 4-9a. They grow … [Read more...]

Maiden Grass: How To Care For And Use Miscanthus sinensis

They call it Maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis), a rich, tall, full-bodied, and hardy ornamental grass popular in some surprising places. Maiden grass, a warmer-weather perennial friend found in … [Read more...]

Cottonseed Meal Fertilizer: How To Use Cottonseed In The Garden

Cottonseed meal fertilizer, a slow release fertilizer, widely considered high quality and a dry by-product in the production if cotton. First the cotton is removed from the seed, the seed oil … [Read more...]