How to Prune Tomato Plants

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Full Sun Flowers: 12 Best Annual Bloomers For Summer Color!

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Calla Lily Care: How To Grow Calla Lilies (Updated)

Calla lily, also known as Zantedeschia aethiopica, belongs to the family of Araceae, a native to South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland. This trumpet-shaped flower grows easily with just a few … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid Of Aphids: 12 Organic Tips And More

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Episcia Plant: How To Grow And Care For The Flame Violet

The Episcia plant is related to the African Violet, easy to grow, their foliage and colorful trumpet-shaped flowers add brightness to any room. Their name, pronounced e-piss’-i-ah, is derived from … [Read more...]

12 Best Patio Plants For Container Gardening

With potted patio plants, container gardening allows you to enjoy the benefits of a broad range of garden plants even in a small space. Container gardens are versatile, attractive and easy to care … [Read more...]

Bug Juice Natural Pesticide Spray – Using Bugs To Repel Bugs

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African Daisy: How To Grow And Care For Osteospermum

The African daisy, with lovely daisy-like flowers, originates from South Africa. Also known as the Cape Daisy or Blue-eyed Daisy (Osteospermum fruticosum) are members of the (Aster plant) … [Read more...]

Ponytail Palm: How To Care For The Ponytail Plant

The "Ponytail Palm tree" is really not a palm at all. It's a member of the Lilaceae (lily family,) and known by several names. It earned the name "elephant's foot tree" due to its bulbous base, … [Read more...]