HOW TO Plant, Grow And Care For The Colorful Periwinkle Plant

The periwinkle plant - Catharanthus roseus or lochnera rosea, also known as rosy periwinkle, is a lovely small plant that grows outside very well but also finds itself at home in a summer … [Read more...]

Flagstone: How To Jazz Up Your Landscape With Flagstone

Flagstone has many uses in the landscape. From striking walkways and patios as steps and flooring, to a fun fire pit or water feature, flagstone can jazz up the landscape. With so many types of … [Read more...]

Peat Moss: How To Best Use Peat Moss In The Garden

Sphagnum peat moss first became available to gardeners as a soil amendment in the early 1900s. Since that time, the discovery revolutionized the way we grow plants. Sphagnum moss mostly came from … [Read more...]

Growing Petunias: How To Care For And Keep Petunias Blooming

If you’re new to flower gardening or just want plants that are relatively carefree and abundantly beautiful, you can’t go wrong with growing petunias. These fragrant flowers are easy to grow from … [Read more...]

Lace Bugs: What Are They And How To Get Rid Of Them

Do your plants suffer from the plague of lace bugs? If you notice reddish-orange spots on the undersides of some of the leaves of your shrubs and trees - probably! These very small insects are … [Read more...]

Oleander Care: Tips For Growing Oleander Bushes and Trees

Oleander (Nerium oleander) is an ornamental shrub with attractive characteristics from flower to stems. The plant is an erect evergreen shrub with lovely flower clusters of pink flowers. Each flower … [Read more...]

Growing Clerodendrum: How To Care For The Bleeding Heart Vine

Plants grown for the spring market have changed over the past few years. We use to see just the usual foliage mix. Now, there isn't just foliage but color. Color is not limited to only hibiscus … [Read more...]

How To Care For Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

Ornamental sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batata) make an excellent addition to any garden. They do well in traditional flowerbeds and landscaping, and are wonderful container plants. They can also be … [Read more...]

Garden Gloves – How To Protect Your Hands In The Garden

Do you wear garden gloves when doing some yard work? Face it... working in a garden involves working with rocks, dust, dirt and thorny plants. All of these items can cause injuries and scratches to … [Read more...]

How To Grow Your Own Coffee Plant

Coffee plants - Coffea arabica, it's been a trading commodity for centuries and grown in Europe since the 1700's. Glossy, dark green, 4-5 inch leaves, dress this upright grower. With good care … [Read more...]