Over-Watering Plants: Don’t Drown Your Plants With Too Much Water

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How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites Infestation (3 Organic Remedies)

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Lobelia Plant: How To Grow And Care For The Cardinal Flower

The Lobelia (Loh-beel- ee-uh) plant is a favorite garden addition in early spring when the weather is still cool, and its abundant bright flowers help shake off the drear of winter. Lobelia is named … [Read more...]

Lemon Tree: How To Grow Lemon Trees From Seed

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Cereus Peruvianus – Night Blooming Cereus – Peruvian Apple

Having plants indoors and giving them the humidity they would really like is another. It's great when you can find a plant that doesn't mind the low humidity, likes it on the dry side and takes up … [Read more...]

7 Simple Solutions For Supercharging Your Garden Growth

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How To Grow and Care For Bougainvillea

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Gardening Hand Tools for Planting and Cultivating

Just how important are garden hand tools? Well, you wouldn’t have much of a garden without them. Hand planting tools constitute the backbone of all gardening... they always have and always will. … [Read more...]

Prayer Plant Care – How To Grow Maranta Leuconeura

Maranta leuconeura is known as the "Prayer Plant." The reason why? Marantas fold their leaves into a huddle at night and go to "sleep." The leaves fold upward like praying hands giving the plant … [Read more...]

Calathea Plant Care For The Home and Landscape

Calathea is a tropical plant also known as the Zebra Plant or Zebrina Plant (Calathea zebrina). These plants are used mainly for their vibrant colorful leaves which include yellow, rose, white, and … [Read more...]