Snake Plant – Mother-in-Law’s Tongue: Caring For The Sansevieria Plant

The snake plant or Sansevieria pronounced (san-se-vi-ee'-ri-ah) a member of the Lily Family, popularly goes by other common names. The very "politically correct" Mother-in-Law's tongue, snake … [Read more...]

Growing Weigela: How To Care For Weigela Planting, Selecting, Pruning

Traditional Weigela is an attractive shrub, producing abundant bell-shaped or trumpet-shaped flowers in the springtime and blossoms sparsely during the early summer. Although Weigela serves as an … [Read more...]

Science Agrees With The Amazing Rosemary Health Benefits In Culinary And Medicine

Rosemary is an evergreen and naturally fragrant herb found in the Mediterranean and the tropics. The rosemary, with botanical name Rosmarinus Officinalis, makes one of the most reliable ingredients … [Read more...]

Dieffenbachia Plant: How To Grow And Care For The Dumb Cane

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Hibiscus Tree: How To Grow And Care For A Hibiscus Plant

The potted tropical hibiscus tree is a popular plant across the US in the springtime. They find a home on front porches, out on back patios and decks. Personally, I like to see the tropical … [Read more...]

Compost Pile: How To Make The Most Of Composting and Soil Conditioning

The compost pile marks the sign of a knowledgeable, serious gardener. They understand it provides an invaluable source of the vital humus that builds gardener's soil. Very few rules govern a … [Read more...]

Soaker Hoses: What Are They And How To Use Them In The Garden

Here's the deal on soaker hoses... They are a very efficient way to irrigate plants without wasting of water. Water slowly seeps out through tiny pores along the length of the rubber hose at a flow … [Read more...]

How To Make A Lettuce Ball Basket

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8 Mushroom Health Benefits You May Not Know But Should

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13 Best Plants For Your Pergola

What are the best plants for your pergola? First, let's quickly look at what a pergola is! A pergola is an open structure with pillars which support flat cross beams and lattice work, often covered … [Read more...]