Your Complete Guide To Planting And Growing Caladium Bulbs

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Coffee Grounds In Compost: What Are The Benefits?

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Growing Heliconia Plants: How To Care For The Lobster Claw Flower

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Dracaenas, Petunia Flowers Rattlesnake Calathea and Crinum Lilies Showing Off in Orlando

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Trellis Plants: What Are 10 Of The Best Flowering Vines?

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Croton Care: How To Grow The Colorful Codiaeum Plant

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Phalaenopsis Orchid Care: Tips For Growing The Moth Orchid

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Soil For Raised Beds: How To Make The Best Raised Bed Soil

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Ficus Pandurata: The Fiddleleaf Fig Tree

The fiddle-leaf fig is the common name for Ficus Lyrata or Ficus Pandurata comes from the family Moraceae. The plant gets its name from its large leaves which resemble the case of a fiddle or violin. … [Read more...]

How To Care For and Grow The Jade Plant: Video

The jade plant, these small, sturdy succulents require simple care and a good reason it makes the Crassula (its real name) a great houseplant for a beginner, along with the spider plant. Native to … [Read more...]