Lawn Replacements Kicking Your Yard in the Grass


Many homeowners dread lawn care; taking care of weeds, cutting grass, watering and feeding it, and all the equipment and materials needed.

But grass isn’t the only way to go for your yard.

For example, Landscape designer Roberta Walker  has helped change the look of the streets where she lives.

Gone are constant green strips of lawn, running nonstop from home to home. Now, little winding rivers of stone and bright splashes of flowers break up many of our neighborhoods.

As Roberta explains… The first hurdle often is visualization. Lawn is easy to picture, but what will its replacement look like? Via

Lawns require lots of work and money to care for, plus they use precious water along with fertilizers and pesticides.

Bob Vila mentions, “More and more, people are turning to low-maintenance, no-mow lawn alternatives like meadows, rock gardens, and ground covers. These fresh options prove that you can have a beautiful yard without growing a single blade of grass.” Via

Over at they share a slideshow of 12 different ways to have a beautiful, low-maintenance yard, that doesn’t involve just planting grass.

There’s more than one way to impress your neighbors and save you time and effort. Details at via Houselogic