How To Care And Prune Carpet Roses: Video

Fancy pruning is not required with Carpet roses. Unlike most varieties of roses, you can just cut along the stem with pruners like these or even hedge clippers. Read our

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I’ve always made (or had made) my own potting mix. I like to know what is in it, then I can customize it depending on the plant. If you cannot

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Having Trouble Keeping Plants Watered?

Here’s an idea… instead of buying water crystals at Home Depot, how about trying a diaper. You read that right. Put a diaper in the bottom of your pots! The

5 Steps For Less Floppy Paperwhite Narcissus

Many people love paperwhite Narcissus bulbs for holiday decoration but are disappointed because they get leggy before blooming. Check out these 5 steps and the video for growing your own