15 Flowers Hummingbirds Love To Visit

Hummingbirds make wonderful additions to the garden. Hummingbird flowers and hummingbird feeders will help attract them to the garden. But, there are plants like these 15 we can call the hummingbird favorite flowers. The

Topiary Trees – The Lost Art of Pruning

Visitors to theme parks like Disney World will get to seize the opportunity to view firsthand some of the world’s finest examples of topiary trees and shrubs. For the ancient,

9 Best Summer Flowers

When the heat of summer hits and everything seems to droop a bit, it’s nice to some color backup. Summer flowers are few during the months for bloom and few

How To Train A Butterfly Bush Tree

I have always loved to see plants “trained” into a small butterfly bush, especially when they are plants we don’t normally see grown as trees. Plants like a standard lantana tree

A Guide to Different Types of Garden Shrubs

Among the bewildering lists of shrubs, certain names stand out as new and unusual, or, on the other hand, tried and familiar. These include both the evergreen shrubs and deciduous

Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Small Yards

small backyard landscaping ideas

Many people are hesitant in implementing backyard landscaping ideas, especially in a small area or townhouse… they are afraid of the garden design. A townhouse garden can be a place

Rhododendron Plant: How To Care And Grow Rhododendrons

Colorful Azalea flowers

These lines below about a rhododendron plant are from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s well-known poem, “Rhodora,” which refers to the deciduous American species, Rhododendron canadense, with glaucous foliage and many spidery,